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  • Honestly it would be easier to delete the file and reset your preferences manually then it would be to try and edit out whatever it is that is causing the problem.

  • When you say reset your preferences manually, where is it that I set my preferences? Are we talking about Opera flags or some other place that I set preferences?

    Because in that file there is a very high number of references to individual websites etc. I don't have a clue where those particular preferences came from.

  • I've tried deleting my preferences and letting Opera write a new one. However I end up losing ALL my extensions, and my settings are a little screwed up.

    if there is anyone out there who can school me regarding editing my Opera "preferences" file, please step forward...there is something in there that disallows me from playing videos on as well as


  • Don't just delete your preferences file. You have to create a new profile and then import things over to it.

  • Lando, what do you mean "create a new profile" - how do I do that, sorry for being so "dumb" I'm learing as I go. Appreciate your help

  • What you did in this post:

    Ok, what I did was renamed the Opera Stable folder, and then booted Opera (which created a new Opera Stable folder default folders and files).

    is creating a new profile folder. It is correct.

    What I came up with was when I replaced the new "Preferences" file with the older, larger version that was in the original Opera Stable folder, the video does not run. So I've now isolated the problem.

    And there is where you screwed up. The preferences file is damaged. It is the source of your problems. DO NOT USE IT. Use the preference file created from the new profile.

  • Using the NEW preferences file solves one problem (allowing me to play videos on nbcnews and espn) but creates a whole new issue, having to re-install all myextensions, of which I have MANY. it seems to me there MIGHT be a way for me to get Opera to "see" those extensions by overwriting the now empty (or missing) extension folders. It seems that the presence of those extension is depending on something in my preferences. Is that right or can I do something with the old extension folders (I have everything in the renamed Opera Stable folder).

    Plus ALL of my Speed Dials are gone. (Many)

    Addendum, I found my Speed Dials from the old folder, now I have them put in correctly. All I need now is to find a way for Opera to find my extensions, and I would be good to go, I have ALL my bookmarks, bookmark bar is set up, just the extensions, without having to find them, install them individually, and configure each of them like I had before.

    What a mess.

  • ALL of my Speed Dials are gone.

    Have you checked 'Bookmarks Manager > Other Speed Dials'?

  • Leo, I DID find the Speed Dials, but I had to move a few folders over from the previous folder, now I need to get the extensions.

  • it seems to me there MIGHT be a way for me to get Opera to "see" those extensions by overwriting the now empty (or missing) extension folders.

    Go to the extensions manager, turn on 'Developer mode' and click on 'Load unpacked extension'.

    In the dialogue window, look for the extension folder in the old profile and select the (sub)folder with the version number. Click 'OK'.

    It should 'import' the extension into the new profile.

  • Ok, when I 'Load unpacked extension' I get a message, "Failed to load extension" "Manifest file is missing or unreadable" "could not load manifest"

    I assume I click on the "Extensions" folder, because there are a few other folders that have the name "extension" in them..."Extension Rules" "Extension State" and another couple FILES, "Extension Cookies" "Extension Cookies-Journal"

  • I assume I click on the "Extensions" folder,

    Yep. Inside it, go to one of the extensions folder (one with lots of letters and numbers) and then select the sub-folder with the version number of the extension.

  • Leo, I continue to do that and still get a cannot load because one of the files in the numbered folder within the extensions director is named metadata (cannot load files with "" because they are reserved for use by the system.

  • Try renaming or deleting that folder.

  • Tried that, deleting _metadata, yes it "loads" finally, but even though it shows in the Extension Manager, it does not diaplay on the address bar. Back to square one, still trying to find out why I cannot import my extensions.

    I guess if I have to, I can try to install ALL the extensions I have in the original Opera install, but that is a LOT of work, in addition trying to remember ALL the option settings in each.

  • DID IT!!!

    I ran Opera with an empty Opera Stable directory.

    Copied my bookmarks file(s) from the old directory to this one. Got my Speed Dials copied from "Other Speed Dials"...which became available when the bookmarks were copied there.

    Installed individually each extension I had before, which when install were lacking ANY option settings. I then copied ALL the folders (only folders) from the old setup to the new Opera Stable and everything now works, don't ask my how I came up with this, but it worked.

    Thanks guys

    (While I'm here, is there any way to reorder the extensions shown to the right of the address bar??)

  • is there any way to reorder the extensions shown to the right of the address bar??

    Nope, it has been a long time request.

  • Thanks, Leo.

    Another minor issue has popped up in my new iteration of Opera thatI worked on.

    Each time I open and close Opera, in the Opera Stable folder I get a new file, written...for instance named::


    Etc etc.

    Each of those files, when opened with Notepad, are exactly the same::

    "// J5yyUOS5yulYH5odqWarzshUuQpSMpucSwgOimXKGGg=

    What is going on with this?? Am I going to have to visit this folder and continue to delete these files? Looks to me Opera doesn't like one of my extensions, or is it something else?

    Actually if I look at that content, all the numbers listed are version #s of some of my extensions, why is Opera not liking those extensions??

    I may have to go back to square one, and just do without videos on nbcnews and espn.

  • When I watch Opera crashes in 1 or 2 minutes.
    I 've found out the solution.
    1.Clean up (DUST) the Computer hardware especially Fans, CPU mount area and RAM Bus lines

    2.Go to Setting__ Websites-----Plug-ins and disable Crome PDF viewer and Adobe flash Player.
    ENABLE the Widevine Content Decryption Module. Check mark to Detect and run important plug-in content (recommended)
    3. (A) Go to Manu-----Extension ------manage extension ---get extension-- get Flash® Player for YouTube™
    (B) Back to Manage extension-----Switch to Flash® Player for YouTube™-

    *****Do not tip or give check mark to Allow in private mode and Allow access to file URL

    1. Menu---Setting--Block add check mark, video pop out, and pop ups.

    It works for every on lines video for me

    Actual result: , You tube video streaming takes just a second. No more Opera crashes. Enjoy all the you tube videos.

    Version information

    Version: 40.0.2308.62 - Opera is up to date
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 7 32-bit
    Browser identification

    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/53.0.2785.101 Safari/537.36 OPR/40.0.2308.62