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New version of Opera for Android with UI overhaul

  • The new UI is rather distracting, but by far the biggest issue is the home button. Instead of taking me back to the Speed Dial on my current tab, it takes me to the Speed Dial on Tab 1. I have 90+ tabs, this means I go from Tab 90 to Tab 1 just to use the Speed Dial - and it doesn't close the tab! This makes the Speed Dial useless. It makes the whole reason for using Opera useless.

    Please make a change to this. I regret updating the app. The new settings button is so confusing compared to the old one, which was compact and easy to use.

    This is so unusable, it's such a bad change.

  • Why did you move some of the settings from the bottom button to a top overflow button?? The overflow button isn't supposed to be used! The settings button now is huge, expands over the whole screen, and yet has less information in it. I USE Opera because I can access what I need to from the bottom of the screen. Now you've split the bottom button into TWO buttons, and put all the important things at the top! What's the point of this?! Do you just want me to use Chrome? I don't want this kind of UI, that's why I use Opera.

    The logic behind this decision is mind-numbing. I'd love for someone to explain it to me - why split the button in half and then make it very messy? I want the search option on the bottom right button, create a new UI option if you have to.

  • @personal1985
    Hi, thanks for giving feedback! We will investigate this and see what we can find regarding the stutter issue.

    Sorry for 1 star rating,

    "Microstutter when scrolling. Samsung phone and tablet 1.6 Ghz 4 CPU cores 2 Gigabytes RAM. Do not update unless you enjoy sadist yourself. Old version was 5 stars!"

    I will change it into

    "Microstutter is being investigated" Then I will give it 4 stars again. Then I will uninstall it and reinstall previous version.

    I off course tried clean install.

  • Thanks @personal1985. Trust us it's important for us that the browsing experience should be smooth for our users.

    Everyone else that are asking about the data savings button and home tab logic, both of these issues are under review and we are looking at improving the user experience in both of these cases.

    It's great to see big passion you have about the product, and we thank you for being with us during this new stage of the product!

  • I hate the new update, the default font and icon size is way to small for my tablet. Plus since I am visually impaired I literally am getting a headache from trying to write this ;; ;; ;_;

    Please add a way to adjust the size thanks.

  • Opera changed the user interface a lot, I like it but remember I did get used to it with the Beta version slowly.

    As said I put back the old version from a backup because of the micro stutter.

    I tested Google Chrome with Engine 55 and it is not the Chromium Engine 54 causing micro stutter.

    Micro stutter is for example very visible when playing some games on a desktop PC which has multiple video cards.

    Tested on:
    Samsung N8000
    Samsung N7100

    Remember it's not the hardware or engine. It's very noticeable even on the smallest websites.

    But I like the new UI and when the Beta is working like butter fluently I will wait and try again.

  • Assist application? What's the point of this option? It just opens Google now app and that's all...

    Perhaps will work if Opera Browser can be the default app triggering Assist API. Related info

  • Does anyone know why opera no longer supports extensions/addons for Android?

  • Does anyone know why opera no longer supports extensions/addons for Android?

    It was never supported.

  • why do we have to import speeddials one by one? omg opera is such a bullshit

  • and where did the data counter gone? and yet no decent password management?

  • 3 buttons for exit: menu (right down corner) + exit (left down corner) + confirmation (middle of the screen)... That is terrible!
    Adblocker works only in data saving mode. Translator works...sometimes. The new UI is ugly and unconfortable.

  • I can't sign in Opera forums in Opera browser for android. When click on "sign in", opens message "There's no access to this site". The forum page is constantly refreshed and I can not open any section because as soon as I click the title, page is refreshed and returns to the forum homepage.
    This happens only in Opera android browser, v.42.0.2246.112628.

  • Opera 42.0 still issues mobile websites on some sites while the user agent is in desktop mode, while other browsers show the full site for the same website. This bug occurs since opera 41.0.

    E.g, In 2017 this is not needed anymore as modern tablets and smartphones work normally with full sites, particularly when they are responsive.
    Mobile sites are sooo 2003 as these are limited WAP sites.

    Can there be an option that the user sets the user agent by a self-defined string to avoid those WAP sites ?

    Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/55.0.2883.91 Safari/537.36 OPR/42.0.2246.112628

  • No data counter anywhere at all. Many items claimed to be in three-dot menu top right are non-existent.

    Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 running 5.0.2

  • To-Opera mill can you reply on my request that I want tab closer button on the right side I'm asking this since 4 months back please reply To My request, if you don't listen to the users of Opera why are you maintaining forums no one is replying to my request this is really annoying... you are making changes according to your wish but not on users feedback.

  • I'm really disappointed with the direction of this new UI. There used to be an additional layout that has been removed in this latest version. It was much easier to use on a mobile one handed. The current ui is not very good at all for one handed use.

    Another issue is the speed dial. As many others have said, it doesnt make sense to not have this as the default page on a new tab. I want to be able to open a tab wherever I wantand launch a speed dial item. Now the oy option is for the tab to appear next to the horrid fixed speed dial front tab.

  • Couldn't agree more with most posters. A truly horrible, and useless Home tab, that's permanently open wasting resources, but actually does nothing!
    And why so many glitches, freezes and crashes?
    On multiple sites!
    I shall return to Firefox until you guys quit the BS and get back to making a decent browser

  • Efficient tab switching, eh?
    Well, that's quite dreadful. The old version was less cluttered and had exactly the same functionality. Move hamburger menu to the three dots menu, move home page to new tab page, make "add to" a submenu and bam, it's already way more usable. [sarcasm]Here's a quick mock up of that:[/sarcasm]

  • Hi!

    Any plans to make the latest realease version available on ftp server? That would be fantastic!