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  • I tried Downloading a 36GB Zip file the estimated time is 12Hours,before i sleep i just let my laptop open so it will download,after 6Hours i saw that the file is complete donwloading when i open it it's only 5gb and i cant extract it because files is missing also when i pause the donwload and close the browser and open it again and resume donwload after 10min it will say downloading finish even when the downloaded file is only 1-5Gb

    Need help how can i finish downloading that 36Gb if it keeps on saying Donwload complete even tho it only donwload less than 10% of the file

  • You forgot to mention your Opera version and to put a link to the file.

    Also, do you use any extension? What about any anti-virus (or similar software) that monitors your internet connection?

  • i was downloading this file my version is 40.0.2308.54 and no i dont use etension my antivirus is Avast internet connection wifi(i dont know what you mean by that)

  • my antivirus is Avast

    Does the file downloads correctly if you disable Avast?

  • I'm not sure but my problem is not anti virus blocking anything but opera cant download the whole file instead it will download 5gb or less and tells it's completed

  • If your AV or security suite scans your internet traffic to look for potential problems, there may be a chance that it's not working as should and it's given Opera wrong info about the download.

    Another possibility is that the computer is going into stand-by mode and cutting the connection.

    Anyway, I've just started the download to see if it completes here or not.

  • ok pls do tell if you finished it or not then i'll try downloading it with antivirus off

  • Download finished fine here with the file having its correct file size. I even had to resume it a couple of times due to some crashes.

  • And what Antivirus you using?should i turn off antivirus everytime i download it?

  • And what Antivirus you using

    Windows Defender, that comes with Windows 10.

    should i turn off antivirus everytime i download it?

    Have you checked with AV off? did the download finished?

  • How can i post a screenshot on my comment?And even when AV on it will download normally but if i closed my browser and comeback again i will press resume download but it wont finish downloading it all only the part that's already finished downloading for example, right now i opened my browser and resume downloading after 5min i checked if it's still downloading but saw it's already complete with only 3.6Gb

  • How can i post a screenshot on my comment?

    See this F.A.Q.

    if i closed my browser and comeback again i will press resume download but it wont finish downloadin

    It may be a different issue. I don't know if Opera can resume a download that was started at a previous session, never tested it.

  • Oh that was my problem all along i cant resume download from my previous session i cant download that big file in one go