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Flash Player Stopped Working


    It seems that you have a problem with your 'caps lock' key.


    This may be the problem. Each day even more pages will start to fail because neither Opera 36 nor XP have updated resources to deal with those pages.

  • So what you're saying is I should change my browser

  • FIXED FIXED YES!!! --> ohhh SORRY ABOUT THE CAP LOCK,,, I have bad eyes,,, BUT guess what, I FIXED MY OPERA !!!!!!!! WOW ! Seems Google ALSO was troubled BUT Adobe got on the ball and most of theirs is getting fixeed!!!!! NOW I finall got a FLASH 22,,, installed it and NOW all things are working again!!!!
    SEE the ADOBE FORUM,,,at--> AND HERE someone has put the LINK to a FLASH 22,,, find it in the discussionsm and download it to desktop,,, BUT also get the ADOBE UNINSTALLER,,,, run it,,, THEN install 22 and say DO NOT AUTO UPDATE,,, let it finish,,, OPEN OPERA let it all reload,,, check the Plugin and see if 22 is there, YES GOOD! try it and see,,, !!! THE evidence is that 23 has issues all over and it has caused problems. this fixed it fo me,,, NOW lets see if it will LAST, good luck !

  • smalll letter version!!!
    go back to flash 22 at: FIND LINK,,, do uninstall!!!!

    1. Uninstall Flash PPAPI plugin from Control Panel.
    2. Download Flash PPAPI plugin from r_22_ppapi.exe
    3. Install it.
    4. Be Happy
  • I now have V. (22,0,0,209) installed, without any change. Any other ideas? On one website I do get sound, but no video. YouTube does work.

  • The best recommended fix I have found so far is setting your pc back to a earlier period then once that is done open up start menu type in Flash Player click flash player then go into update and change the settings to either notify you or never me personally I set mine to never but when u do this make sure you are using any version before adobe 23 it will tell you on the update screen if you follow my previous directions if not you maybe need to set your pc to a earlier period with that being said if all goes well for you hope you should be able to do what you was doing before the lame update... enjoy!

  • under Ver 36,,, BE SURE you have also the latest SHOCKWAVE installed,,, Be sure all plug in are ENABLED.
    Flash 22 is workin fine for me,,, IS it telling YOU it cannot load plugin? If it loads then its in and there may be other issues... MAYBE uninstall,, do fresh 36.0 then add falsh 22 and Shockwave. I was having trouble with not getting Ustreams and a news stream,, NOW all that is gone. WE all hope OPERA techs can find out with ADOBES help why some works and some do not? Keep us informed,,, SEND tips! thanks NOTE,as to rolling back system restore,,, Hmmm you might solve it,,, BUT think also what will be loss that you did between then and now and what might need to be redone... Give it some thought,,, LOTS of THOUGHTS!

  • So what you're saying is I should change my browser

    You should upgrade your Windows. Sooner or later all browsers and other softwares will stop working on XP/Vista.

  • The new Flash player fixes critical security vulnerabilities : "... if exploited would allow malicious native-code to execute, potentially without a user being aware."

    Code execution, information disclosure, stuff like that.

    Going back to doesn't sound like a good idea.

    And now the cat got out of the bag : we XP users may still be running

    Double shot of unpatched.


    1. Uninstall Flash PPAPI plugin from Control Panel. 2. Download Flash PPAPI plugin

    I don't think this is the solution. The reason I say this is because, I have set my Adobe Flash to be updated MANUALLY. So I dont get automatic updates and was using the old version,. However, the BBC web site is broken where I get the message 'Couldn't load plug-in.'.

    Example : - comes up with 'Couldn't load plug-in.'

    So I went forward and upgraded my Flash to and the problem is still there.

    I am using Windows XP.

  • The version works for me

  • I went back to 22 and it is all working fine... SEE the Adobe Forums. 23 crashed Chrome and there was horror at google..thousands died using Win 10! It is a wide spread issue and it aint XP or Vista! Its all over. <> Adobe was fixing the Issue with Google. But Opera techs had no solution yet, the one I contacted said 22 was fixing the issue but why 23 was not working was Unknown. See links above.

    1. Uninstall Flash PPAPI plugin from Control Panel.
    2. Download Flash PPAPI plugin from r_22_ppapi.exe
    3. Install it.
    4. Be Happy .
      ADOBE LINL....
  • Hi bishoptonyusa,

    Thx! I stand corrected, I went back to the previous version ( ) and the videos on the BBC web site started working again. I can't explain it, because I only upgraded to, because my existing version was not working. Mine was set to 'manual' update.

    Another useful tip, those who go back to the previous version, need to set Flash to "Notify to install updates" otherwise, Flash will keep re-installing the latest version and it will break again.

    Will someone be kind enough to let us know when it is safe to upgrade Flash? As I think they are trying to work on a fix....

  • note as a Precaution,,, if You use XP or Vista,,,, go to services.msc,,, disable the BITS services and click on stop,,, then disable the 2 chrome updaters and hit stop,,, then Disable the Automatic Updates and hit stop. This will stop all call home ports. ALSO if you have the Manufacture calling home, then disable them too,,, WHY do all this? Because your computer was not told that the Phone line to MS was unplugged and they will forever try to call home and up date to LINKS all now gone. vista uses 50% processor till it gets home to answer,, BUT the line is dead. Flash Player 22 should stay stable! KEEP checking to see when they resolve the issue and which Version works in Opera again!!! Good Luck.

  • Uninstall Flash PPAPI plugin
    Download Flash PPAPI plugin
    Install it.
    Be Happy.

    Yeah, if this makes you happy :

    Adobe has released security updates for Adobe Flash Player for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and ChromeOS. These updates address critical vulnerabilities that could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system.

    Vulnerability Details

    • These updates resolve an integer overflow vulnerability that could lead to code execution (CVE-2016-4287).

    • These updates resolve use-after-free vulnerabilities that could lead to code execution (CVE-2016-4272, CVE-2016-4279, CVE-2016-6921, CVE-2016-6923, CVE-2016-6925, CVE-2016-6926, CVE-2016-6927, CVE-2016-6929, CVE-2016-6930, CVE-2016-6931, CVE-2016-6932).

    • These updates resolve security bypass vulnerabilities that could lead to information disclosure (CVE-2016-4271, CVE-2016-4277, CVE-2016-4278).

    • These updates resolve memory corruption vulnerabilities that could lead to code execution (CVE-2016-4274, CVE-2016-4275, CVE-2016-4276, CVE-2016-4280, CVE-2016-4281, CVE-2016-4282, CVE-2016-4283, CVE-2016-4284, CVE-2016-4285, CVE-2016-6922, CVE-2016-6924).

  • I have a Windows Vista OS and use Opera as my browser. Like many others, it appears, Flash Player is no longer working for me in Opera. I don't want to revert to an earlier version, because I worry I may be exposing my computer to all sorts of viruses and malware, so I'm waiting patiently for Adobe to devise a fix for the version of Flash Player that serves Opera in Windows.
    Can somebody please advise me if they think my wait will have a positive outcome?
    Thank you.

  • Just been upgraded to Opera Ver 40.0.2308.62 on Win 8. Must say (very) initial impression is that it is browsing snappily and even Flash is working! Rather different to the somewhat sluggish and rather lumpy Ver 39.0.2256.71 edition.

  • With My OS being Vista, It appears I am only able to have Opera 36.0 on my system. Following advice given I have downloaded Flash Player(fp_22.0.0.209 and am now able to view content I wasn't able to before.
    I worry though that in doing this I am at greater risk of my computer being exposed to all kinds of viruses and malware, so can somebody tell me please when the latest version of Flash Player will be released that addresses the problems afflicting Flash Player when used in conjunction with Opera browser.
    Thank you.

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