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Deleted bookmarks by changing opera version

  • Hey guys, so I mucked up a bit.
    I was pretty drunk last night and while watching a youtube video or something of the sort, opera decided it wanted to maximise offscreen, which as you can imagine was a bit hard for me to comprehend. So I called Larry and he recommended I install an older version of Opera to fix any bugs. I found an installer for Opera 22.0.1471.70 and went with that. Looking back at it now, Larry might not have meant install a version from 2014 cause that version is super out of date. Oh yeah, I'm using a windows 10 laptop too.

    Anyway, the offscreen maximising issue was still happening, so I figured I should install the latest version, which I did. Turns out I could just hover over the taskbar icon and hit maximise to restore it to its regular position, so I felt like a bit of a numpty. But, upon going to my bookmarks/speed dial etc, there was nothing in there. I've sort of had a look around and asked Larry if he knew how to get them back, but he wasn't sure. Although they are precious to me, I'm not too fussed if there's no way to get them back 'cause it was my fault after all.

    Anyone know if I might be able to get these bookmarks back? Everything else is working a-ok.

  • Did you perhaps install one of those versions of Opera as a different installation type? You might have done a stand alone install. Or maybe install a Beta or Development version of Opera. If this is the base the other version of Opera may still be present on your system with your bookmarks.

    That said if you decided to delete your user data when uninstalling one of the old versions than your bookmarks may be gone. Did you use Sync?

  • As I wasn't in the best mental state it's hard to tell what I've done, really. I guess I might have installed the older version and still had the newer version on my pc, but then by installing the newer version again messed with it that way. I do have folders for v22 and v39 in my program files, but they don't seem to contain anything related to bookmarks. In my appdata there's an 'Opera Stable' folder which contains a few files related to bookmarks, however they appear to be on default settings.

    I think it's safe to assume at this point they're lost, let this be a lesson to you all! (Don't listen to Larry)

  • Just (re)install Opera 39 and you will probably get your bookmarks back.

    Opera 22 didn't have bookmarks - only a bookmarks bar if i remember correctly - and a different file was used to store those bookmarks and speed dials.
    So Opera 22 simply can't read the bookmarks file used by Opera 39 and therefore can't show the bookmarks.

  • Too late after the horses have all escaped (I mean after all your bookmarks have escaped), but there's an Opera add-on (I mean extension) named "Bookmarks Import & Export." It allows you to save a file with the list of all your bookmarks.

    Save your bookmarks-file somewhere on your computer. Save the file on a thumbdrive and wear it around your neck. Email the file to yourself so it's saved in the cloud.

    The file is an .html. It's too easy. Use the Export button to save the bookmarks; Use the Import button to restore the bookmarks, if they get lost due to too much imbibing.

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  • By the way, I hope Leocg is right, and you'll get back your bookmarks by reinstalling Opera 39.