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wher is the "CLOUD" icon to start opera link

  • If you're saying that for developers, you really should say what platform. Opera 20 for desktops does have a "Quick Access bar" ...

  • I assume you are talking about the tiny ribbon under the address bar called "Bookmark bar"?
    Great, and how exactly am I supposed to organize and access my 1000+ bookmarks in this tiny bookmark bar?
    (Don't take it personal, but Opera is promising Bookmark support now for so long, I am getting tired)
    I also have Opera 12 installed. Import function in Opera 20 is still greyed out. And I can't see an option to activate it, even if I do the trick of "Up, Up, Down, Down, left, right, left, right, b, a" in the settings page to activate some hidden settings. Nor have I found any activation in opera:flags
    Feel free to point me in the right direction, but there is no feature coming close to Opera 12 bookmarks (and I haven't heard of anything like it including up to Opera Next 22)
    And even if: According to the Opera Help the bookmarks import feature seems to allow only putting "some" bookmarks into the speed dial (which is full already and only allows "folders" on the top level, but none below the top level).
    The bookmarks bar does not even feature a search nor does it allow for keywords to be entered...
    What a dismal position: Screens are getting wider, and yet developers do not allow the bookmarks (or other features) on the side where there is plenty of space. No they have to place it on top so that the page gets less height and I need to scroll more....
    I am however interested how Stash is supposedly getting updated via Opera Link?
    I have Opera Link enabled and all it syncs is the Speed dial pages.

  • same here: I can't find cloud icon in the lower left corner of the browser window
    here's a screenshot:

  • Don't worry! No Opera developer, customer service, officer, marketing or sales person will ever read your comments. Not connected to Opera Next, but in the meantime of launching Opera Next they removed all customer support contact possibilities, help desk, Facebook send message feature, etc.

    So: we can fume as much as we like, but they do not pay attention to us. Looks like that customers are no longer important.

  • Don't worry!
    I agree in this part of your comment. Don't worry, because the question was already answered in this topic, just read it.

  • rafelluik, Great! The most important is to get answer to your questions and we surely do not care if Opera is paying attention to us or not. I am so happy now, that the issue is solved!

  • @rafaelluik glad to hear it! so, where is it?
    (unless you meant "Thank you for using the new Opera! We're working to improve synchronization and make it more integrated with our next generation of browsers. Building from scratch means that syncing isn't compatible with Opera versions 14 and higher ... yet. You will be able to sync with Opera soon. Thanks for bearing with us.")

  • "You need to enable it on opera:flags."

  • $rafaelluik - thanks 🙂

    [Mod edit: please create your own topic to discuss any other issues. Thanks. :)]

  • @rafaelluik done, but I'm still unable to see the cloud icon

  • There's no cloud icon, now you'll be able to enable sync from the main menu.

  • What the heck is opera flags?

  • What the heck is opera flags?

    It's the place in which the user can enable/disable some (experimental) features.

  • And you can fint it on typing in your address bar: opera:flags

  • Okay, But which flag do you enable?. Theres like 1000 of them.

  • Okay, But which flag do you enable?. Theres like 1000 of them.

    It depends, for what? For sync, it's Synchronization (opera://flags/#sync).


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