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  • Sorry i dont knw if this is the correct place, i just made an account to say this, opera has been my browser over for many a years, however its reaaly annoying that sites like "Argos" and others just automatically add themselfs to my speedial every other week... so annoying i had to uninstall, i mean really why is that even allowed? Using firefox and i dont even wanna use it.

  • Isn't it possible to simply delete the offending SpeedDial elements if/when they appear in your browser?

    I'm struggling to understand why deleting an occasional unwanted SpeedDial element is sufficiently annoying that it leads a user to uninstall an otherwise free and presumably well-suited browser he has happily used 'for many a years'.

  • Well its every other week, i dont want these forced adverts especially on my speeddial where it adds it self wihtout permission. why is this even a feature?

  • ... i dont want these forced adverts especially on my speeddial... why is this even a feature?

    It's not really a 'feature', per se. Such SpeedDial elements would have to result from one of two causes. Either they are malware-related because of an infected browser/system or - more likely - they are a part of the 'favored placements' used by many "free" browsers (like Opera) to raise necessary rental revenue to pay the very real costs of developing and maintaining the 'free' browser. For a browser with relatively small market share, the favored placements tend to be more noticeable to a user than the less obtrusive favored placement mechanisms used in browsers with larger market followings. Other favored placement methods include favored search-box engine providers, favored default address-box search engine providers, the listing of certain service providers preferentially or as default choices for various browser services or features, etc, etc.

    Most users, particularly in our current free-browser world, will never consider paying a $50-$100 per year software charge to underwrite the costs of a completely ad-free or placement-free browser (and, yes, those costs are just a reasonable guess - most probably, they err on the low side). In that context, simply deleting a SpeedDial or two every so often seems like a tiny cost to pay for all the rest that you get in the browser.

  • Partner speed dials should not be reappearing at all - they shouldn't come back if deleted. But I did say "shouldn't", a few people have reported it before.