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Why is bookmark importer disabled in Opera Next (v21)?

  • In Opera 20 I was able to import all the bookmarks (with folders!) I wanted from my Opera 12 list, by going to "More Tools"->"Bookmark Importer" in the menu.

    This option is grayed out in Opera Next. What can I do to enable it?

  • Try using the command line option to copy your profile folder. Replace the profile paths with your paths:

    "O:\Opera Next\launcher.exe" --presto-small-prefs-dir="O:\Opera 11.64\profile"

    To run command line: Windows Key + R to open the run dialogue, and paste the carefully edited command line into that dialogue.

  • OK, I can try that. But why? The bookmark importer worked great in the Opera Stable (v20). Why is it disabled in Opera Next? Did I break something somehow?

  • Why is it disabled in Opera Next?

    Afaik it only works on Stable builds.

  • Oh, it works on any build that recognized your old profile. I've imported mine in all three.

  • OK, so what might I have done differently when installing Opera Next to make it not recognize my profile? Should I just try to reinstall?

  • Hi guys, running Opera 20, unable to import bookmarks...

    I was fed up with FireFox's "an-update-a-day-keeps-the-malwares-away", Chrome's NSApproach of UX, IE "W3C standards proof"... So I've decided to give Opera a chance (again)... WTF? Aren't you suppose to ease user's moving to your platform/solution? Sorry to break the news but bookmarks are to stay around for a while... I am really pissed. Not mentioning the fact that there is no info available and that the only trick implies a cmd prompt... Really? I mean really?

  • @Fritzophrenic, @Chrisdem, hi guys, if you would like, you can try the
    "Transmute" for Windows.

  • I'd rather figure out why Opera is not working right, than start using a 3rd-party external tool to replace the feature that isn't working for some reason. What are some reasons Opera Next might not recognize my profile, when Opera Stable did?

  • @fritzophrenic,
    It's the way bookmark import has been implemented in Opera 15+. Normally, import features will ask you for a file or location and then perform the import operation. In Opera 20, Bookmark Importer won't ask anything, it'll just look for the file Bookmarks in the profile. If it does not find it, the menu item is grayed out. It works exactly like that here on Opera Developer 22.
    To form the file Bookmarks, i.e. to actually perform the data conversion, you need to run Opera with the command line Pesala described. You can do it in any channel (Next, Stable, Dev) and copy the file Bookmarks into the channel where you want to use it.

  • Well, I copied the file "bookmarks" from %AppData%\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable into the Opera Next folder. This worked well enough, now my bookmarks are the same in each. Maybe I'll try making a symbolic link sometime to keep it that way.

    The weird thing is, after I copied the file the bookmarks importer is enabled. There must be something in the old file which was disabling it.

  • Okay, I had Opera 12 some time ago and reloaded it again; was able to transfer my FireFox bookmarks.What is the easiest way for a fumblefinger to get Opera Next 21.0 to pick up the bookmarks from Opera 12? None of the suggestions I have seen so far inspire any confidence that I will be able to follow them without screwing something up.

  • Well, the latest Opera is SUPPOSED TO allow easy bookmark import with a built-in tool. Apparently sometimes it can't and nobody can satisfactorily explain why. For what it's worth...the import worked great for me on the one that realized it had that feature.

    No import from other browsers right now, though.

  • I have opera 26 stable windows 32 version.
    In the settings/bookmark section only can be found to import bookmark in opera. No chance to export. Completely missing this.
    I have visited the official website to get information, and they, had mentioned in the intro video how to exporting bookmarks. In this "stable" version ther is only selection for import bookmarks.

    An other things. Auto updater can't finding new updates, because during the process, something blocking it!
    Besides those my browser opening 5 types of opera's in the task manager including the auto updater.
    No chance to close them!!!!

    Reading my opera version says this:
    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/39.0.2171.95 Safari/537.36 OPR/26.0.1656.60

    I think, this is the reason why opening 5 different type of tasks.
    How did they came into my browser???
    Can't get rid of them.

    Opening my opera takes 1 minutes!!!! Not fast at all!!!
    I have decided to delete and install the opera 27 stable version, but first of all I want to save my bookmarks.

    So, what shall I do?

  • For Exporting bookmarks, add the extension "Bookmarks Import & Export' from the Add-ons site. Exports to an HTML file.



    There is no need to shout. And no, not all browsers have an option to export bookmarks.

  • ..yeah what ones? IE, firefox, and chrome can.

    ..and yes there is a need to shout. Lots of people have to get the dev version or get extensions and it's annoying. It's like buying a house and not getting to be able to get running water!

  • Where in Chrome? Mine doesn't have such option.

  • And btw, shouting is against the forum rules.