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  • I want to disable spell checking in multiline text input fields.

    Opera help at
    is of no use, no matter what I do I cannot find a path that leads me to
    Preferences > Advanced > Browsing

    I have also checked the "Show advanced settings" box. I feel rather stupid here... how hard can it be...

    BTW is it just me or is the forum engine really unable to search with more than one keyword? Every time I tried to search, e.g., for "spell checker" I got thrown back to Overview page, which makes no sense. I should get a sensible error message instead.

    Opera 39.0.2256.48
    OS X 10.11.5

  • You're right. This search is underdeveloped, people already complained.
    Use this:

  • Opera help at

    Menu > Help or F1 will not lead you to that page. This one is for an old version of Opera (12.10) as the url shows.

    I want to disable spell checking in multiline text input fields.

    The only option is to enable or disable it.

  • Strange, I replied to this thread about six hours ago, giving all the necessary information to the OP, and was told that my post was being held for moderation.
    It looks like it's never appeared, what happened, and why was it held anyway?!

  • It looks like it's never appeared

    I don't see any post of yours waiting for moderation, don't know if any other mod has already deal with it.

    and why was it held anyway?!

    How the spam filter works is one of the great mysteries of the humanity. 🙂

  • It's all Obama's conspiracy, Dave..he.

  • It was actually the first time that I've ever had a post "held for moderation" which is why I was surprised!
    The only thing I can think of is that I had posted to another thread a short time before, and maybe there's something that traps posts that are made too quickly after the previous one, rapid multiple posts presumably being considered as a possible spam flood attempt.
    It's rather annoying if held posts can just disappear though and never actually get posted!

  • If you're concerned, use the "Draft" option.
    You're sure it wasn't the time limit thingy? This way it won't save.

  • Are you saying that if you try to save it as a draft and it won't save, that will tell you that it can't be posted at that time either?
    If that's so maybe that's a good idea, because you can then just wait and try again later when the block may have been lifted.