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Lost all tabs after crash and crash after recovered success

  • version: 39.0.2256.48
    Dear all.
    Today I acidentaly moved one bookmark folder to near bookmark folder on bookmarkbar. When I tried to fix that mistake by moving it back to bookmarkbar, opera crash and turn on again ( still have all last session tabs ), with my stupidness I did it again, and that time opera crash and recovered and crash again and not appear once more. When I clicked to opera icon on the taskbar,just a blank god damn tab appear.
    Last Session file is 8 bytes that big. Current Session has that blank tab only.
    *Could you please make a feature to back up session daily? or atleash make a few more session backup instead of just one Last Session. *
    Just like Edge after each OS update, this bug make this browser untrustable for work.

  • Have you tried using a deleted file recovery, just in case it can recover anything? A free one is Recuva.
    BTW, every now and then I right click on a tab and select the last option, which saves all your open tabs in a speed dial folder. This is useful as a session backup.

  • I ve tried it but no use, Current session Last Session are reused for each time start opera, they are not deleted or removed. My speed deal has too much bookmark before Opera re-invent bookmarks feature and constant save each time before exit must be pain in the *ss. P/S: look like press enter or shift+enter for new line is premium feature in this forum.

  • Look into installing Session Buddy. It is a great session manager. You can add it to Opera using the 'Download Chrome Extension'. It won't help solve your current issue but it will help in the future.

    P/S: look like press enter or shift+enter for new line is premium feature in this forum.

    That is how you format on this forum

  • thanks man, hope it help in next crash.

    at least I can see full size tab bar for next few days

  • This exact thing happened to me today, just 10 minutes ago, and my Opera version is exactly the same.

    I use the bookmarks bar, and the bookmarks are arranged in folders. Today I noticed that one of the folders had moved into another folder, making it a sub-folder. I tried to move the sub-folder back to its place in the bookmark bar, but it made Opera crash. I tried this several times unsuccessfully. Every time Opera crashed. The first times I ran Opera again, it returned to the session I was in with the tabs open, but then after a few crashes it stopped opening the tabs and I had to retrieve the pages I had read from History. On top of this Opera disabled the extensions, so I had to enable them again.

  • Actually, this mechanism (removing the tabs and disabling the extensions after the next crash in a row - it never happens after the first crash) was implemented to prevent an infinite crash loop: if either of these was causing the crash, you would have infinite crashes and restarts, and this is the method to fall back to the cleanest state possible. Unfortunately, people sometimes try exactly the same thing that caused the crash right after Opera recovered from the previous one; this counts as the next crash in a row and everything is removed/disabled.

  • and no backup?

    a car auto explosion after few start false to make sure no infinity false start? whats that? Apple's browser...

    and next time implement this can remove all bookmark or saved passwords or any thing to "make sure"

  • Actually, there's a brainstorm currently on how to implement a more elegant solution, but no ETA as of yet.