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UI overhaul in Opera 37.1

  • @operamilleson

    There's still pullvdown to reload issue

    It's happening for long time, reported few rime, but still not fixed.

    It happens after wrong page loading - page is not completely/whole loaded or is loaded as white. Or when you wanna refresh page which is saved for reading.

  • If the Opera changes a few points as follwing, I will use it as a main browser.

    1. Change the menu bar(back, share, speed dial,tab change, account) position.
      : previousely I could change the menu bar position like "phone" mode, so the menu bar was positioned to the top.
      But now it is fixed position and I cannot change it. This would be uncomfortable for some users that have softkey device.

    2. Open website in same tab
      : when I open website in the bookmark, speed dial or URL bar, the website is being opened with New tab always. Is it possible to change it to be opened in same tab? Othereise add an option for this.

  • I'm trying out this version for the first time today. I love the new look. The simplified button design is far better than the previous set

    What I like so far is:
    No more data savings meter. It's great to save data, but this a web browser, not a racing car, or a benchmarking tool or whatever. The toggle switch view is enough and that's that.

    What I don't like so far is:
    There is no forward button. It will lead to an early uninstall, and never return, for me, unless this is reconcidered. Who's idea is it that you don't really need a forward skip button in your web browser? It is essential. You have to put it in, no choice. On the other hand, the share button which is in the position of the forward button, MUST GO! Sharing (a web page?) in a mobile browser is not paramount. This button must go back into the opera menu.

    The user button has to be at the top and the three dot button (or Opera button) has to come down below. It just makes more sense that way.

    Granted this is a beta release, but shouldn't a browser designer "know" where the buttons should sit in the UI? This design is quirky in the extreme. The user button leads to frustration, not intuitive access. It doesn't emediately make sense, presupposes a new learning curve and a getting used to. The previous design may be old fashioned,but it is more practical. To use a car metaphor, which is what Opera so loves.. Would you buy a car that has the steering wheel in the back seat?

  • testing opera beta 37.1.2192.107416. had to hunt for a beta apk, for some reason my playstore installs opera beta with same release number as stable release.

    i haven't found bugs yet, but i do have some dislikes. like a lot of folks, the ui is too different. i agree with most of the dislikes others have posted, but i think mine are new.

    there doesn't seem to be a tablet ui in settings. i'm guessing you haven't had time to work on it. the current ui seems to be a variant of classic, which i don't like.

    no save page for offline use.

    want a way to cause a page to re-use current tab rather than opening a new tab. i prefer the way stable tablet mode works,ie default is re-use, with right click or long press bring up choice menu.

    placement of home button on bottom bar causes problems with android 5.1. it's right above androis exit to home screen (round icon). i think home button should be moved left or right to avoid accidental press of android exit to home.

    i'm not interested in news, and a lot of space ob tab bar is wasted by showing all the news categories. hopefully you'll implement a tablet interface with top bar similar to stable release, and provide a button somewhere to get at news, etc.

    while not a dealbreaker, i would like a separate button for ooening bookmarks, or something on the 3-dot menu at top. using the person button is not intuitive.

  • ps

    sorry for typos in previous comment. opera beta hung a couple of times and i couldn't correct.

  • just noticed that long press still brings up open in new, private, etc. so maybe you just leave that and have a settings option open in current tab (i realize that some sites always open links in new tab)

  • previously i asked where save page had gone. after my third read of other posts, i find it's now save to reading list. i agree with another poster that it's not intuitive.

  • just saw on google play that someone wants user agent (desktop/mobile) switching to stay in effect only for the current site rather than until changed in settings. i understand that user's wish, but my two cents worth.

    a fairly major reason i use opera instead of chrome/firefox is that user agent setting is saved until changed. for various reasons, i almost always want desktop agent with my tablet.

    my suggestion is something for user agent in setting something like desktop/mobile/default. with default, there could be a 3-dot menu item to request desktop site (like chrome).

  • I like new design very much, but I have a small suggestions about it.

    Here they are:

    1. Back button on the bottom menu completely duplicates standard android "back" button. So, it should be removed for something more useful.
    2. "Reload" button on the bottom menu completely duplicates commonly used "shift down" gesture, so this button is also could be removed
      3."Share button".. I think its really rarely used, so it also could be moved somewhere else from the bottom menu.
    3. Start/Home page could be simply united with "user center" as a tab in it, once again clearing the space from the bottom menu.

    As a result, 3 buttons menu are gone from the bottom meny without ANY loss of the functionality. And this free space could be used for address bar and the new three-dot-menu button.

    I imagine it will be something like this:

    Hope this will help you in any way!

    Sorry for my English. And sorry for Paint 🙂

  • A little bit cleaner image for my post above:

    Another two feature I have in mind are gestures-related:

    1. Swipe left/right on address bar (or on bottom menu) gesture to change page (as Chrome does)
    2. Without calling tabs page, long press on Tabs button bringing up pages preview, then, without releasing the button, swiping left/right to navigate fast between tabs.

    I think this will save some clicks for users)

  • After today's update what is that arrow in 3-dot menu?

  • Why did you hide all features with page deeper in menu??!! Really bad move!

  • Could you make gaps in bookmarks section smaller?

  • My version of the toolbar

    It's more convenient, I think

  • Some problems:

    Tapping on the sync icon shows briefly the other synced speed dials then the browser minimizes in a loop.

    After usiing the tab selector for quite some time the browser froze again.

  • It is really an issue to offer an option for tablet mode on phones?

  • Windows in tab selector are still white. When do you plan to fix it finally?

  • I meant this

    It's the forward button mate, they decided to put it there and have the share button constantly in our face instead 🙂

  • Opera Beta 37.1.2192.108172
    Android 5.1
    Verizon Ellipsis 10 tablet

    With this release, Opera's getting there. I realize some of the changes are quick fixes and not permanent. With this in mind, here are my comments about new problems and fixes.

    New Problems:

    Tablet users can only use tablet layout. From reviews on Google Play Store, it seems that some people are using classic layout with tablets. Those users are probably going to be unhappy; those using tablet layout are probably going to be happy. I'm guessing this was a quick fix, and hope you'll ultimately restore Phone/Classic/Tablet in settings for everyone.

    If you have open tabs, then go to Home screen (Speed Dial or News), you cannot get back to tabs without opening another tab via search bar, Speed Dial, Bookmark, or Tab Manager.

    If you have existing tabs, and open a new tab with Speed Dial, the new tab is placed before existing tabs; if you open new tab with another method, it's placed after existing. I prefer "after" placement, but could get used to "before". Behavior should, of course, be consistent.


    Thanks for changing "Reading list" to "Offline pages".

    Thanks for restoring Forward. I'm guessing placement in pulldown menu is a quick fix, and will ultimately change.

    Other Issues:

    I can't check some of the other issues, since I have only a tablet and can no longer use classic layout.

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