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Very long extension moderation process

  • @kurtq said in Very long extension moderation process:

    Is the extension from the Google Chrome store can be installed on Yandex? The manual of Yandex states that it installs extensions from the Opera store

    Yes, of course you can, I do not know what is written in the documentation, but the extensions work fine, so you can try installing on Yandex. Google Crome, Yandex and Opera are written on the Blink engine (created by Google corp.) and basically there are no problems with extensions.
    But Opera developers block and do not allow the installation of extensions from Google Play. For me, this is a shock, the developers themselves for several years have not been able to fix the mess in their work, they haven’t checked the expansion for years and didn’t allow the installation through a Google Play.
    Let the Opera developers at least learn from the best, allow the installation of extensions through Google Play before they finish their work on automatically checking extensions, then allow them to allow installation only through your store. I do not understand, why they torment users for years? They are waiting for all developers to rebel and ignore the Opera as a whole, as was the case with the Internet Explorer ...))) Microsoft also tormented all web developers with its non-standard browser, in the end everyone started to refuse IE. And only In the end, Microsoft realized its mistake and, starting with IE 11, made normal browsers with generally accepted standards ...

  • How are things going with "automatic moderation"? Someone moderated recently?

  • Is there any way to get information from developers on the status of the moderation process? I have queued my extension on 26.04, and still not a single sign from Opera. If any admin reads it, my package ID is 236717. It has never been reviewed.
    If there is something wrong with the extension I'd like to know that and fix it. Same if you need some additional information / access. But I've never heard back from anyone, this is very frustrating 😕

  • I'm waiting nearly 2 years now guys 🤷🏼♂

    alt text

  • Guys, my addition is moderated for quite a while. How to know when it will be ready?

  • @sklad2222 -> Never

  • "was submitted. Awaiting moderation.
    commaticus; Jun 25, 2019 3:26:53 PM UTC"

    Until now, nothing happens. I have not come across such a long moderation before. For the first time since 2015, so long. How to release updates with such delays?

  • Merging topics.

  • @commaticus My extension is almost a year on moderation, many updates have already been released, I’m not adding new ones here anymore. Those that have already been added are not deleted because it is interesting whether they will be moderated or not.

  • Someone has information about the causes? Why is extension moderation currently suspended?

  • After I've posted a message here I received a rejection the very next day. I fixed stuff they wanted right away nad now.... Almost a month since then - nothing again, just silence. It seems like they just don't care about extensions and developers. I don't remember such poor moderation process ever.

  • Extension moderation is not suspended, quite the opposite.
    We are now fine-tuning the automoderation to remove delays, or at least make them as short as possible.
    Please remember that the best way to improve the efficiency of the process is by complying with the acceptance criteria:

  • @tnowak Thanks for the information. And what if the extension meets all the requirements but for two years moderation does not occur? what to do ? package - 231350

  • @adsfactory-russia : The package you mentioned severely violates our acceptance criteria and will not be published.

  • @tnowak package -234072. Soon there will be a year, as the first version added. I read the criteria, I don’t see any gross violations, extension shops of other browsers added me without any problems right away. Why does not the moderation of my extension pass?

  • @tnowak Thank you for your prompt response. Our technicians checked your comments, we did not have such problems at other extension shop. During the day, the technicians will correct the indicated remarks, as I will be ready, I will write to you, I hope for prompt verification of corrections of our mistakes. Thanks

  • @kurtq, @adsfactory-russia: Different stores have different acceptance criteria.
    It means that in our store you can find extensions that would not be published in Chrome Web Store.

  • @tnowak Thanks for the clarification, we understand you. Our technicians completed the amendments for the extension 231350. We will be very grateful to you for re-checking, if it does not complicate you.

  • @tnowak I don’t understand why my extension is not suitable for your store?

  • @tnowak If the extension does not meet any criteria - why is it not rejected? Wouldn't it be better to reject the addon and list the reasons for the rejection, instead of leaving the app in the "Awaiting moderation" status?
    My package (237425) has been waiting for publication for several months. He may also have some criteria violations that I don't notice. However, I cannot know this. The app does not publish, but does not reject. He is just "waiting" for no apparent reason.