History not showing older entries

  • So, I am watching a lot of series online and today I wanted to continue a series which I have stopped watching a few months ago. Obviously I couldn't remember where I left off so I wanted to solve that with the history.

    So I entered some keywords and... it didn't display nothing. So I scrolled the history all the way down and apart from lagging I've discovered that the last entry is dated on 5.5 - pretty much 3 months ago. I thought, that cannot be, I was using opera for way longer than that. Then I wanted to check my history settings and discovered that it has no history settings at all.

    Is opera automatically deleting everything older than 3 months? If yes, will there be at least settings to set up a longer timelapse, in the future updates? For example exporting the 4.th month into a pdf or xls file before deleting it?
    I have enough space on my PC to archive the next 70 years of browsing history, I don't want to not do that just because of software limitations. If Opera is not going to do anything in that aspect, I'll have to find another browser.

  • Is opera automatically deleting everything older than 3 months?

    AFAIK this is how things work in Chromium.

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