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Opera on Windows 10 acting strange

  • Every time after start (if I close and open browser several times per day, every time I got same problem), Opera cause Windows 10 Settings panel to show up at option Default apps, even when Opera is choose as default browser and for opening email. Also, if I try to install browser from App Store, only what I get is "Get Opera browser" in all apps list. So, link from the store doesn't recognize that Opera browser is already installed on system... One more thing. Few seconds after start, browser freezes for about 15 to 20 seconds, and once in a while it crashes.

  • Hi there, a few questions:

    What exactly is your Opera version?

    What is your Windows 10 environment - is it at home or at work?

    What is your antivirus?

    And, does it happen also with your clean profile?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hello there! Opera is latest stable build 38.0.2220.41. Windows 10 Pro version 1607 (build 14388.0) using at home. Antivirus was Bitdefender and now is Panda (doesn't change browser behavior). Strange thing is that all of problems are available only on new hardware but old one run w/o any problem... And last answer - didn't try clean profile.

  • Opera is latest stable build 38.0.2220.41

    Opera 39 was already released, please try with it.

  • Hello... I wrote about Opera version from other computer which wasn't updated. OK, so I update Opera to 39.0.2256.48, but freeze problems still occur.

  • Uh. Ok, let's try another thing.

    Can you please go to Settings / Browser, scroll down and enable "Show advanced settings", then untick the "Use hardware acceleration when available" and restart? If this helps remove the freezes / crashes, that would mean something is wrong with the hardware drivers. Thank you in advance.

  • I am having the same problem as the OP, that is starting Opera (updated on fully up to date Windows 10) causes windows setup to run at default apps and Opera has all its defaults already set. Any further ideas?

  • Any further ideas?

    Have you tried doing the things in this thread?

  • OK, so I remove Opera from computer (also delete user data), and move to other software. Today, I try again (version 39.0.2256.48). Yup, I disable hardware acceleration, but problem with freezing is still here... Oh, never mind, I will use some other browser... Who cares... Anyway, thank you all for your time!