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Opera crashed, lost tabs, how to get them back?

  • Opera crashed and when I started it basck up the tabs were lost. How do I restore the lost tabs?

  • What is the version of Opera?

    What was the nature of the crash? Happened before?

  • Its the latest version. It just crashed out of nowhere. Then when I tried to start it again it would report some error for a while (can't remember what it was), and then, that same day, without me doing anything or restarting, it suddenly DID start, but without any tabs.

    This hasn't happened before, I just installed Opera a few days ago.

  • How do I restore the lost tabs?

    If they weren't restored when Opera returned from the crash then i guess you won't be able to recover them.

    BTW, what are your start-up settings in Opera? For tabs to be recovered you need to set it to 'continue where i left of'

  • I had it set to "continue where I left of" and it WOULD restore it properly always except now when it crashed.

    Is there really no way to get them back?

  • Check your history and try and pick them out.

    You might consider looking into a session extension for Opera. They are more feature rich then the 'continue where I left off feature'.

  • But, c'mon guys, where does Opera store session data?

    I'm googling and finding mention of or lastsession.db, but I don't even have the folders where those files are supposed to be.

    It saves them SOMEWHERE.

  • It saves them SOMEWHERE.

    Right. But if Opera crashed that means it was unable to save them properly. So either the file was empty or corrupt when you tried to start it up the next time. Thats why it didn't restore them in the first place. So its useless. If you really want to look open up your Opera profile folder, who's location you can find in Opera Menu > About Opera, and look got a file without an extension with the word 'session' in its name. IIRC it should be called 'last session'. 90% chance that its empty though.

  • where does Opera store session data?

    In 'Last Session' most probably.

  • Lando, you say:

    "But if Opera crashed that means it was unable to save them properly."

    But in Chrome, for ex., when it crashes it saves the CURRENT session (the one which, due to the crash, ends up empty), but it also has a file where the PREVIOUS session is saved, the one from which you drew the tabs for the current session, which has crashed.

    Doesn't Opera have something like that?

  • Doesn't Opera have something like that?

    I don't think so,. Or maybe it's bugged.

    Or maybe the file got corrupted or maybe Opera didn't have the time to save the session.

  • I have similar situation (Opera started with blank page without crashing) but I can see all my "crashed" tabs in history. I would like to save my history (too much tabs to pick them one by one now). So here is my question: where can I found the history file/s?

  • where can I found the history file/s?

    In Opera's profile folder.

  • Worked. Thank you.