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  • Hi all ,

    I used to made this in few years back successfully but today I did it again with problem.

    I made some 16x16.png put in skin folder & zip & have re-orderd them

    the zip folder together with ' ' I moved them to dropbox , want my other computer also sharing to this folder so do not need the hassle to make those icon for contacts again in other machines.

    in opera:config , I in-put:

    "C:\Users\eeeemc\Dropbox\Dell Inspiron 23\Opera Emc\Opera Skin\"

    C:\Users\eeeemc\Dropbox\Dell Inspiron 23\Opera Emc\Opera Skin\

    However, when I finished them save , re-start Op era. I choose a contact propertities and I see icon sets are Old default and is not the new icons set I made custom.

    Did I miss any step ?


  • I've noticed that paths on Opera 12 sometimes revert to their DOS 8 character names, so it's possible that it doesn't like the spaces in the folder names?
    Try using "C:\Users\eeeemc\Dropbox\DellIn~1\OperaE~1\OperaS~1\" and C:\Users\eeeemc\Dropbox\DellIn~1\OperaE~1\OperaS~1\

  • Hi Dave ,

    Try using "C:\Users\eeeemc\Dropbox\DellIn~1\OperaE~1\OperaS~1\"

    I wasn't able to in-put in Opera:config of above.

    That area from Opera:config only seems accept clicks.

    Thank you very much.

  • You might need to try doing it by directly editing operaprefs.ini (with Opera closed, back it up first!)
    Look for the line beginning "Button Set={SmallPreferences}skin/..." and change it to -
    Button Set=C:\Users\eeeemc\Dropbox\DellIn~1\OperaE~1\OperaS~1\

  • Thanks Dave, I have followed the tutor from years ago Opera Forum

    You extract the skin, add/remove/replace the icons that are in the "contacts" folder, edit skin.ini

    and change the ContactN lines towards the bottom to point to the new icon filenames,

    edit the title of the skin at the top of skin.ini, save, zip up skin.ini and all the folders next to it into a zip file,

    place the zip file in the "skin" directory in your Opera roaming profile directory, start opera and select your customized skin

    Still not working....... is there any special tricks I should pay more attention to on above ?

    thank you very much.

  • You say it's not working, do you mean that your changes are not being seen, or is the new skin file not working at all?
    If it isn't working at all, make absolutely sure that the program you're using to extract the files and then re-compress them is preserving the original folder structure exactly.
    I've done this several times myself using WinZip, which does seem to do it correctly by default.

  • Thank you Dave !

    That could be at least one thing wrong during I made it so it does not work, it does not work means when I'm in contact chosing any of my contacts , right click, properties , chose image.

    Those are the default icon without changing to my own custom set

    I also have changed these

    So that I really don't know where cause the error.

    Same as you, I used to make this work & my M2 mail panel able to shown correctly my own setof contacts icon in the mailing list.

    Dave, do you know where to download may be Portable Winzip ?

    Thank you very much.

  • There's a link to the WinZip portabe version here.
    I'm afraid that I can't immediately see why what you've done isn't working as it should be.

  • mad

    Hi Dave,

    I use also winzip to make zip/unzip & contact icons still not change to my custom one & I do not see my custom skin is there I can select ( although I can placed it in the skin folder )

    I should be pretty straight in changing / customizing a contact icon ..........

    It concern only unzip , add a 16x16 pixel .png in contact folder , modify the line in skin.ini , zip back.........

    I used to done it okay but it is frustrate this time I spent just more than an hour still not able to make it correctly.

    Thank you very much.

  • icon

    Icon 05 is my custom contact icon.......

  • The most common error with editing skins was in recompressing the file. You have to start inside the folder that has skin.ini in it, select all, and zip it including folders. Do not compress the folder itself; skin.ini has to be in the root of archive.

  • super

    You're super sgunhouse , you made the point and I carefully made the re-compress and I can see my custom icon now.....

    1. Why in Skin name is not change as You can see 2 same time Opera standard.

    2. I changed already in the skin.ini total name to Opera Custom... and I consider this new name reflect in above 1. the Skin UI

    3. The Icon must be 32bit ? How I can make it super SHARP in mail panel ?

    4. I also need to make lots of label icon, do you have website you can instrduce me to visit so that I can learn making label icon ?

    Thanks again sgunhouse you always provide good hints !


  • I'm not sure what the line "Name String Code=" is in your skin.ini.
    Mine doesn't have that.
    Try deleting it or commenting it out, it may be overriding your custom name.

  • I'm not sure what the line "Name String Code=" is in your skin.ini.

    Fixed it Dave........... although I did not know what was the key things remedy the issue..............

    I do not know nor knowledge of Name String Code.....

    Thank you in any way !!

    Do you have may be other website for me I can learn to build extra Label icons ?


  • I use GConvert Icon Editor to make icons from image files, it's very good but isn't a free program.
    There may be free equivalents that will do the same.
    I don't know of any websites that allow you to do it online, I assume you've searched?

  • thank you so much