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Opera Mail, accounts.ini, Reply= (blank line)

  • What can I put in "Reply=" line in accounts.ini that will give me a blank line at the top of a reply?

    O 12.18

  • \n, standard C or javascript escape code for "newline".

  • Apparently \n or \n\n needs a character after it to take effect. I had tried Reply=\n before and got no effect but now with any character after it, - for example (I was copying the Forward= line), I get a blank line but with the following character on the next line. Is there something I can put after \n to make it produce a blank line without an unwanted character beginning the next line?

  • Sorry for I did not read completely your question above but I can show you mind may be..............

    Everytime I " reply all " , the cursor is at the 1st row position ( the red arrow )

    Account Name=❶❶❶❶
    Incoming Username=hk1
    Outgoing Username=Blah
    Blah Blah
    Reply=\n\nFrom: %:From:\nSent: %c\nTo: %:To:\nCc: %:Cc:\nSubject: %:Subject:
    Forward=\n\n------- Forwarded message -------\n\nFrom: %:From:\nTo: %:To:\nCc: %:Cc:\nSubject: %:Subject:\nDate: %:Date:\n

    Hope this helps.


  • Yes, I want the cursor at the top of the reply with a couple lines of space as your image shows but without the From/Sent/To lines below it. IOW Reply=\n\n instead of Reply=\n\nFrom: %:From:\nSent: %c\nTo: %:To:\nCc: %:Cc:\nSubject: %:Subject: The problem is Reply=\n\n produces a reply with the cursor at the top of the quoted text and no space, same as Reply=

  • Yes, I used to be like you spending lots of time in this modifiing my desire compose area in Opera mail which was a great fun !!!

    See HERE

    May be you can try delete what is no longer you need after those \n\n from the 2 rows of statement from above picture.

    Which are this :

    Reply=\n\nFrom: %:From:\nSent: %c\nTo: %:To:\nCc: %:Cc:\nSubject: %:Subject:
    Forward=\n\n------- Forwarded message -------\n\nFrom: %:From:\nTo: %:To:\nCc: %:Cc:\nSubject: %:Subject:\nDate: %:Date:\n

    In old days, it spent me may be half an hour or so to puzzle this & get it done my style.

    See if you still have problem & say.

    Thank you very much.


    Can someone show me how to make line break in this forumn ?

    See above the "Reply=" and "Forward=" supposed they were in were in 2 different lines.

    Why it is like now looks like mess after I press "Post Comment" ?

    Thank you very much.

  • The easiest way to force a line break is to put a double space in before the carriage return.

  • Thanks Dave.

    For example "Reply= \n" ? (quotes added)
    One, two, or three spaces before \n, also two before and two after \n, and I still get the same result as Reply=

    Also tried in fresh install of Opera Mail 1.0, and reinstalled 12.18 and got same result.

    It's looking like I can't get there from here.

  • Hi Dave,


    Did you mean , after I wrote this sentence I am writing now & put a full stop when I finished this sentence. ( now I hit 2 times space bar ) ?

    and hit return key on the keyboard ?

    Thank you very much.

  • See HERE I have added as many lines as per the .ini files :

    Reply=\n\n\n\n\n On %:Date:, %f wrote:

    The same email account on the ' forward ' , I made this from the .ini file :

    Forward=\n\n\n\n ------- Forwarded message -------\nFrom: %:From:\nTo: %:To:\nCc: %:Cc:\nSubject: %:Subject:\nDate: %:Date:\n

    it looks like this where you can see an /n less so 1 line is missing than the above picture.

    Thank you very much.

  • edmond, I see in your post several characters following \n in each case. Apparently characters following \n allow it to take effect. The trick is to get Reply=\n\n (nothing following) to produce two blank lines and nothing else. No date, no From, stuff like that. Reply=\n\n gives me the same result as Reply= Is it different for you?

    Thanks for the help.

  • I edited the account.ini files

    Reply=\n\n\n\n\n :

    Forward=\n\n\n\n ------- Forwarded message -------\nDate: %:Date:\n

    like this now

    I hope I have made it correctly the way you meant you want it............................

    The upper picture eliminating from the account.ini files everything about To:, From: etc... but I put a ":" still in there so that you can know what it turns out like in actual if you put anything after \n.

    The lower picture is for you a comparison when removing To: , From: etc... but I in purpose left :

    --------Forwarder message --------

    Date: %Date:

    still in there.

    Thank you very much.

  • Yes, a : or a - will work.
    I'll probably have to settle for that. Thx