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How I can re-order the column of Size | Attachment | Labels

  • Hello ,

    How I can re-order this column say for example if I want :

    attachment put before the sent.

    labels after the sent.

    Thank you very much.

  • If you mean the items in the vertical list on the left hand side, I'm pretty sure they cannot be changed.
    If you mean the message list columns, can't you just right click on them and select "customise" and then drag and drop them?
    IIRC it works the same as customising any toolbar.

  • Hi Dave,

    Thanks, sorry I meant to the far right hand side of the picture I shown.

    You see where the items sent , attachment clips icon , labels...etc.

    Want to see if these can be re-ordering.

    Thank you very much.

  • OK, I think that's just like any other toolbar.
    Right click on the top label of one of the columns, and select "Customise>Appearance".
    You should then be able to click and hold on the column titles and drag them around to re-order them.
    Then close the customise dialogue, and that should be it!

  • Oh, they can be reordered ... But not that easily. Too complicated to try to write on a tablet, but I will explain when I am home.

  • When you will be at home ... sgunhouse...... HUH.....


  • Too tired last night, sorry.

    Opera stores this info in operaprefs.ini, but the appropriate section may not exist if you've never modified the table in question. What I'm saying is, while Opera (Presto versions including Opera Mail) is running, change the width of one of the columns. Then close Opera, since changes to operaprefs.ini won't be kept if Opera is running.

    Using some text editor or word processor, open operaprefs.ini (found in your "profile" folder) and search for a section named [Columns] with the square brackets. It that section, each line will be a name followed by an equals sign and a bunch of numbers. You're looking for this line: (your actual numbers may be different)

    Mail View=0, 25600, 1, 1, 39555, 1, 2, 107666, 1, 3, 25600, 1, 4, 21533, 1, 5, 25600, 1, 6, 11234, 1, 7, 20831, 1

    Now, actually the "list of numbers" is 3 numbers per column in the table, so it is better to think of it as

    Mail View=
    0, 25600, 1,
    1, 39555, 1,
    2, 107666, 1,
    3, 25600, 1,
    4, 21533, 1,
    5, 25600, 1,
    6, 11234, 1,
    7, 20831, 1

    The first number is the position in the table (the one you are interested in), the second number is number that determines the width, and the third number is state (0 for hidden, 1 for visible).

    I'm not completely clear on the order you want, but some change to the order of 4 through 7 should do it. As in, something like cutting off the ", 7, 20831, 1" from the end (yes, with the comma in front) and pasting it before the data for column 4 to get something like

    Mail View=0, 25600, 1, 1, 39555, 1, 2, 107666, 1, 3, 25600, 1, 7, 20831, 1, 4, 21533, 1, 5, 25600, 1, 6, 11234, 1

  • sgunhouse ..... Thank you very much !!!!

    BINGO !!!

    Use this be this

    Now I can do this

    Thanks again to the kind tutor!!!


  • Every time I read something like this, it makes me regret the demise of the original Opera even more!
    Such total user control, which we will never see the like of again.

  • May have been total control and all, but it wasn't easy in this case - no drag and drop in the UI.

  • Not easy, but at least you can do it!
    It's a bit like editing the skin zip files and the images and skin.ini file inside them, even though it's not straightforward, you can change so much if you know how.
    Try doing even a tiny fraction of that with any modern browser, no chance!

  • And, what is more importantly in my point off of view there is someone who willing to tell you how............