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BBC Radio i-player keeps crashing - memory overload or CPU overload?

  • BBC Radio i-player keeps on crashing, which is something I have never experienced in the last 10 years.
    One time when I closed the crashed programme I had a message suggesting it may be a memory overload problem.
    I have 2 computers each running different versions of Windows 7 and they now both suffer from the same problem. Sometimes the Radio i-player will crash after a few minutes, sometimes after working for an hour or more.
    I do not know where the problem is, but if I look on Task Manager, then it runs fine when the Performance tab says I am using say 1.7Gb out of 2GB of RAM, but when it gets over 1.8GB then it often crashes soon after.
    Also on the Task Manager Processes tab, Opera.exe memory use seems to increase and increase, It starts at around 50kB and when it gets to something around 650kB then the i-player crashes.

    Similarly on the Performance Tab, the CPU is often running close to 100% even though I am only running the one programme and do not have any other windows open in Opera.
    Looking on Resource Monitor, one of the Opera.exe CPU started off at about 11% average useage when first starting listening, but increased to 25% with 27 CPU threads when the player crashed. This seems a huge resource for one very simple player application.

    Once the i-player has started to crash it keeps on doing it until I restart the computer.

    I am not a computer techie and have really no idea what I am seeing, but thought someone else might see what is going wrong from the data and suggest some solutions. Is it Opera, the BBC radio i-player, Windows and what might be the solution?
    Everything else on both computers work fine. Upgrading to Windows 10 is not an option as I have many legacy programmes which I cannot abandon.
    Thanks for any suggestions.

  • How Chrome behaves? They have big part of common code with Opera.

  • BBC Radio i-player keeps on crashing...

    You mean this -

  • Typically I would use this link:
    and then choose the program episode I want.
    I have also tried on Chrome and Firefox which all crash just the same as Opera after anywhere between 7 and 15 minutes. Every time it crashes Firefox comes up with message:
    Warning unresponsive script.
    or js 1 or js 21.
    I have just had my computer expert clean up the computer, clear cache, clear history, get rid of malware, etc and he can find nothing wrong with either PC.
    Every other program works fine.
    I suspect it is a BBC problem. You can report it to them, but they do not respond - just stick it on their fault list.