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The "Never Accept Cookies" option in later versions of Opera

  • I have Opera 12.15 installed currently, and it allows me to "never accept cookies". However, when we installed Opera 18.0 on a friend's computer, this option seemed nowhere to be found. I believe this option is very important. This is different from the "delete cookies when I exit Opera" option and is more than the "block third-party cookies" option also.

    Is there a way to get later versions of Opera to "never accept cookies", or, if not, is there a way to download Opera 12.16 (the latest in series 12, that allows this option)?

  • FYI, Opera 12.16 and 12.15 are essentially identical. During the time that Opera 12.15 was the current version, Opera suffered a server hacker penetration for several hours (I believe around June 2013) and there was concern that Opera's certificate-signing might have been compromised during that hack timeframe. As a result, the certs were verified, and Opera reissued the 12.15 version as 12.16 to make sure anyone who might have downloaded 12.15 with corrupted certs would be sure to have a version with "clean" ones pushed to them via auto-updating (which required that the version number be incremented). So unless you downloaded 12.15 back in June during those few hours, your 12.15 version should be equivalent to 12.16.

  • Is there a way to get later versions of Opera to "never accept cookies",

    Settings > Privacy and Security > Cookies.

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