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  • All folders (not sure if that is correct terminology) such as inbox, unread, received, trash, labels, etc. have a number showing how many messages are in that folder (or label). However, the "sent" folders in each account and the "sent" folder in the "all messages" does not show a number. What is wrong?

  • That number shows all messages or just the unread ones?

  • Every folder or label has a number next to it showing how many messages are in it. And it seems like the only folder that does not show a number is the "sent" folders. And it goes even further. I have three email accounts. Each one has an inbox and a sent folder. The email account has a number which shows how many messages are in that account. However, the number is the same as the inbox number. If an account has 10 messages in the inbox and 3 in the sent folder, the number next to the account will only show 10 even though there are actually 13 messages associated with that folder.

  • The account access point header in the mail panel will show the unread count next to it if the access point is collapsed. If it's not collapsed, you'll just see the unread count next to "Inbox" for example. If there are no unread messages, you won't see a count at all.

    Same thing goes for the "Sent" view under each account access point and the "Sent" view under the "All Messages" access point. It shows an unread count next to it. If there are no unread messages, no count shows. For sent messages, they're automatically marked as read when generated. So, you normally won't see a count next to "Sent".

    However, in the mail panel, you can hover over any view like "Inbox" or "Sent" and a tooltip will pop up showing you both the unread count and total count. You can right-click on the mail panel toolbar (the bar where the compose button is at), goto customize -> appears -> buttons -> mail and drag the "Status Field" to that bar. Then, you'll have a readout that will change each time you select a view in the mail panel.

    In Opera Mail that's in Opera 12, there's an expand panel button in the customization settings that looks like ">>". If you put that near the X at the top of the mail panel and click it, it'll expand the mail panel where it'll have all kinds of columns with info like total and read count etc.

    Besides that, there's really no configuring of the options. It's just automatic.

  • Amazing! Thanks so much for the info. I never would have figured out how to do this. Thanks again and again. It is lucky for us that people like you take time to provide us with this information.