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How can I disable tab animations?

  • Hi,

    I hate all animations because they just delay everything thus decrease efficiency.

    I would like to disable the following animations.

    • Tab switching crossfade. When I press Ctrl+Tab, it won't show the next tab immediately, but starts a full screen zoom-out-and-crossfade animation wasting a lot of CPU and forcing me wait around a second to get the actual content of the next tab visible. This might look good when it's about marketing but is completely nonsense to me and is annoying. I would like to get back the good old behavior (show tabs immediately when switched, like in Chromium or Google Chrome).

    • New tab opening slide. Every time I open a new tab pressing Ctrl+T, it will slide-open the new tab in the tab bar. I don't need the sliding. It's also annoying. I would like the new tab appear there immediately with its full size.

    Any configuration hack or non-standard solution is acceptable for me that lets me get rid of these animations.


  • show tabs immediately when switched

    Hi @palikacska, you can try to use Ctrl+PageUp/PageDown to switch left/right through tabs, or go to Settings > Browser > Shortcuts, press "Configure Shortcuts" (opera:settings/configureCommands), and assign Ctrl+Shift+Tab to "Switch left through tabs", and Ctrl+Tab to "Switch right through tabs" (it will warn you, that the shortcuts are already assigned, but you can safely press "Yes, replace"), and then press "OK".

  • Thanks. This one works. What about the animation when opening a new tab?

  • What about the animation when opening a new tab?

    This one i guess you will to get used to.

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