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Blocking "Suggested Posts" on Facebook

  • I recently turned on the native ad blocking for Opera after using adblock. I noticed that Facebook's "suggested posts" are still showing up - is there a way to get this added to Opera's block list?

    I was sure to take all sites off of the "exceptions list" so there is actually nothing listed when I click on "manage exceptions".

    That said, I'll say that I'm probably happier now with Opera than I have been at any time since they moved from Presto.

    Do let me know if this is off-topic - I didn't see a sub-forum or topics addressing ad-blocking.

  • Most probably those suggestions are not considered ads.

  • Yeah, but these are not actually "suggested posts" - these are specifically marked also as being "sponsored" and promoting business interests. The only way they can not be considered ads is if you change the meaning of that word... :).

  • How does ublock and other ad-blocker extensions behave on this?

  • As I mention in my initial post, when I was using adblock and easylist, the "suggested posts" were blocked. Not so now with Opera's native list.

    BTW the suggested post today is for Ritz Crackers, offering buy 2 get 1 free... :).

  • Paste of today's ad (I'm not trying to spam this forum, I'm providing examples of the ads not being blocked by opera's ad filter):

    "Suggested Post
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  • Suggested Post
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  • Suggested Post
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    I may have to check better but i'm not getting any of those 'suggested posts' here.

    Maybe it's more a matter of better setting Facebook preferences than use of ad-blockers?

  • Just went through all the ad settings in facebook, nothing there that would or did remove the suggested posts.

    These are usually/almost always after the first timeline item.

    And again, easylist and adblock used to block these. Certainly similar ads to these are blocked say on Twitter.

    Suggested Post
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  • Just went through all the ad settings in facebook, nothing there that would or did remove the suggested posts.

    When you hide them do you answer the survey? It may help you get more relevant suggestions.

    Suggested Post
    Like Page

    There is no need to keep posting this.

  • The relevance of the ads is not at issue. The fact is that they are ads, and they're not being blocked by Opera's ad filter...

    I've tried turning on "relevant" ads, and turning them off, the ads still show up.

  • The fact is that they are ads, and they're not being blocked by Opera's ad filter...

    Did you already report it?

  • Well, spam topics on these forums are ads too.
    There are a number of ways to advertise - technical means and forms, so there's no application, add-on or extension, I guess, bound to be taking on all of them.

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