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Opera mail will not fetch inbox but will send emails in POP3

  • Hello,

    I recently installed Opera Mail 1.0 in my Windows 7 laptop to be used with Go Daddy e-mail. I configured in and out servers for POP in the way recommended by GoDaddy e-mail support. Also tried installing Opera Mail in a USB. Also tried chaning the ports to use secure conection TSL. Any idea?

  • Which build number of Opera Mail? The original was build 1040, but there was an update earlier this year with build number 1044.

  • On the "Servers" tab in the account's properties, make sure the port is set to 995 with TLS checked and authentication set to auto. Also, retype your username and password. Also, make sure the server name is correct. Check the log if everything else fails.

    Make sure POP is enabled for the godaddy account. Make sure the time, date, time zone and daylight savings settings on your computer are all correct.

    If godaddy has 2-step verification for email, turn that off.

    Try it in Thunderbird and use the settings Thunderbird uses.

    Turn off your anti-viruses email scanner or configure it and Opera to work together.

  • I have the same problem. The logfile only says,
    POP IN: -ERR authorization failed Check your server settings.
    I downlaoded and ran thunderbird. It connected and retrieved my inbox messages without any problems.
    The settings it came up with were Security: SSL/TLS and the authentication method as "Normal password".
    The only settings I have available in Opera mail for authentication are:
    Auto (plaintext)
    I am using port 995 and have secure connection checked. I don't know which of these authentication methods match thunderbird's, but I have tried all of them with no success.

    I am running Opera Mail version 1.0 / build 1044. On the About page, it shows Windows 8, but I'm running windows 10.

  • "Normal password"

    That should mean "plain text" in Opera terms. So, choosing auto (which selects plaintext) should be fine. Selecting plaintext explicitly shouldn't make any difference, but you can try. Note that it's okay for the password to be in plaintext when using TLS as the whole connection is encrypted. So, you should indeed use port 995 + auto + TLS (secure connection).

    However, in Thunderbird, go into account settings and look under the "server settings" for the account in question. Check what port and server name it uses and make sure Opera matches.

    Also, on the "Servers" tab in the account's properties in Opera, retype the username and password. Also, if your username is your email address, make sure you include the @... part.

    As an alternative, you can try port 110 with TLS checked. (That will do StartTLS. Port 995 + TLS does SSL/TLS directly.)

  • Well, Einstein says the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, and as such, I predeclare that I'm insane. I had already set those port numbers and authentications on my server settings tab, but I retyped my password (just as I had several times before), and dutifully (i.e. insanely) tried it again. And whallah... It worked.

    I can't imagine I had mistyped my password so often previously to keep it from working, but apart from that I don't know what's different about this time than the time before.

    But for anyone else who comes across this thread from a search result, with similar issues, he are the settings that worked for me....

    incoming server name:

    Port number: 995 Check Secure connection (TLS)

    Authentication: Auto (Plaintext) -- although Plaintext should work just as well

    Username: (make sure it has the @-sign and the full domain name)

    Outgoing server:

    Port number: 465 Check Secure connection (TLS)

    Authentication: Auto

    Username: (same username as for the incoming server)

  • Opera seems to be sensitive about setting the authentication method. After getting my first email account working correctly, I tried to set up my second account. I'm not sure what I did, I suspect I might have chosen a different authentication method on my outgoing server, but I was not able to get the method to show as just "Auto". It only had auto along with whatever the previous method selected. Long story short, I was not able to send any emails.

    I ended up deleting that email account entirely and recreating it. This time I set everything from the account creation series of windows, then went to account properties and to the server tab and changed only the port numbers to 995 and 465, and changed nothing else. This worked.

    I suspect something gets hosed if you ever set the authentication that prevents you from getting back to plane old Auto and only that version of auto works (at least with godaddy.

  • I suspect something gets hosed if you ever set the authentication that prevents you from getting back to plane old Auto and only that version of auto works (at least with godaddy.

    Possible. Not sure. As for having to retype your username or password sometimes. That's something a lot (but not all) Opera Mail users have to do sometimes. I don't think anyone has figured out why it's needed. Something might get corrupted with wand.dat (the password file) or somehow tweaking some of the server settings causes the saved entry to be invalidated, or something with the password dialog that pops up (if you don't have a password saved), doesn't set things correctly where it messes things up. It's weird, but something that happens a lot for some.