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"Opening where left off" no longer opens "Speed Dial" tabs since update to 38.0.2220.31

  • For my desktop at work I tend to leave the first tab on Speed Dial. I park my various Opera windows on this speed dial tab when I close Opera. When I re-open Opera each window opens again to the Speed Dial even as it populates other tabs.

    Since last update, however, when I open Opera all my tabs open, but without their saved Speed Dial tabs. While I don't show any NSFW content at work, I do like to keep what I view private. Without the saved speed dial tabs that safeguard is removed.

    Is this a new feature, closing what might be seen as "unused tabs" between sessions?



    Scot Harkins
    Greenbank, WA, US

  • It's not exactly new, being there since a while AFAIK.

  • Sorry to drag this thread back up, but I have essentially the same problem, I like to use "new" tabs as separators between groups of topically related tabs.

    That worked perfectly until and including version 36, but since version 37 came out in May, well... not anymore. Had to roll back again, and manually disable auto update, since Opera won't even let you do that in its settings anymore.

    So now I'm kinda stuck using version 36. Does anyone know if a solution to this minor (but incredibly annoying) problem is even being considered?

    Thanks for your time 🙂

  • Does anyone know if a solution to this minor (but incredibly annoying) problem is even being considered?

    I guess it may be by design.

  • I guess it may be by design.

    By design? What purpose would this feature serve? Okay, got to admit, "cleaning up" the opened tabs of any forgotten empty ones might make it look more tidy when you open Opera again, but still... I'd love an option to tick, like "keep empty tabs", or something.

    Ah, well... gotta wait for it change, I guess. Or for someone with more programming skills than me (virtually none^^) to make an extension that adds that option or changes Opera's behaviour in that matter. Anyway, thanks for the anser 🙂

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