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Opera seem to consume enormous amounts of video resources, blocks vision of other programs on deskto

  • When Opera is open my other programs cannot be seen clearly, it interferes with the image and i have to reduce and expand the active window to see it.
    Overpowers the image of the current active window open.
    My computer has plenty of resources and is a top end loaded one, 2 gigs video memory and 8 gigs ram, 3.40 Ghz quad core!
    I noticed the new Chrome also did this, the new versions of the Chrome coded browsers have something in them does this, intrusive to say the least and i suspect has a surveillance tag on it .

  • Try disabling hardware acceleration in Opera.

  • Did that!

  • Did that still does it

  • What is your graphic card? Is its driver updated?

  • It started with Chrome, new version and now opera has same problem, no drivers will fix this, it is a coding problem, possible surveillance as See no other reason for the enormous waste of my video resources I see, in Task manager you see the CPU is stressed form Opera and all the added processes with each new page!
    The slow down has gotten worse over time and i have cleaner i have used for years, before they work fine but now nuthin speeds it up. no cookies no crap no control I can see except Opera causing this problem.
    the old versions ran fine but this new one must track everything even though ya ask it not to!

  • this new one must track everything even though ya ask it not to!

    Tracking requires very little processing power. Its a very simple task. What you have got is a bug somewhere causing excessive resource usage.

  • As an addendum to this I also notice websites i had no problem loading in such as Pricewatch and Amazon refuse to load in, they absolutely will not got there Amazon maybe after an hour of trying opens up but Pricewatch nadda!
    Even when I pause Addblocker they still will not load in!!
    I noticed on amazon something called Kwiry, tags the address before the Amazon address, I thought maybe this is the problem, I blocked tag form loading so it is just a pure amazon address but Amazon still would not load in.

    I asked Amazon about this but beyond their initial contact they have now gotten back to me, appears pining activity at two ports is going on I read, I asked them about this but...

  • Well it all started with the browsers Chrome and Opera, is there this kind of bug in them?


  • Disable it and see if it helps.


    Please read the forum rules and don't right all caps.

  • Well it all started with the browsers Chrome and Opera, is there this kind of bug in them?

    Maybe a bug in Chromium.

    BTW, what are the steps to try to reproduce the issue? Also, what's your OS and graphic card?

  • Sorry, I hit the caps key, I hunt and peck, terrible typist!

    I am working on it also, i took out shock-wave, could be I have a wiener as the problem of screen drain seems to have ebbed!!!

    The issue with links not opening , I reinstalled opera default settings, no Addblock and Amazon still won't load in! i reinstalled flash and tried it before hand and after and no change, my Internet settings are default also, even under the best environment still no success loading Amazon, now I notice the address itself is a normal looking one with Amazon favicon showing but content seems blocked, error message says timed out!

    Now I do not know which settings I can change for security, might lose Pricewatch again.

  • The issue with links not opening

    How this is related to the subject of this topic? Please open another topic(s) to discuss about different issues.

  • Good idea, maybe I will after I have researched it more, thank you for the suggestion!
    The truth is I spent the past 3 days working all the issues I have brought up!
    Finally I broke it down to this about the resources used by Chrome!
    The Daily Mail just published agreeing with my summation that Chrome uses enormous resources, the just admitted this is true and a reason for the battery drain you folks on lap tops experience.
    No doubt the same thing happening on my computer.

    Does your laptop battery keep dying? Google Chrome may be to blame! Microsoft says browser drains power

    This is the reason for the video bleed that makes it impossible to read my work desk when it is open unless minimize then expand the document I am working on.
    Now ask yourself this, why would chrome use these kinds of enormous resources?
    Only thing I can come up with is tracking, surveillance and big brother.
    The other issues still need to be worked as I rebuilt my system and now I am able to reach the links I mentioned. I did have a gremlin from the Kremlin as you suspected though, bad one and took a bit of effort to remove and banish to the far reaches.

  • Lets boil this down, The Chrome coded browsers definitely are surveiling everyone, this is out and out fraud and the ideas these batteries keep blowing up is the result of the unending coded streams of intrusion, all those fires and folks hurt are the direct result of this stuff as I have said for years now!
    I got 21 years as tech and well it is hard to find anyone these days with my level of experience with computers as when ya poor ya forced to find alternatives and figure out things instead of having some expensive program do it for ya, I taught myself and glad I did!!
    My computer works great now!