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  • Hello,

    The issue started few months ago and I am incredibly frustrated with the issue. The issue is in some pages/websites, I can't even read the font. The font is too thin and light. I think they are in thin Calbiri (Microsoft Word's default font) or something like that. For example: as I am typing this entry, it is hard to see "Discussion title", "category", and "You may use Markdown in your post". I don't know why it is like that. I have changed my opera font settings to Times New Roman font and it doesnt work at all. Please help! I am deeply annoyed with this issue.


  • In some cases it has to do with hardware acceleration. Some systems will disable antialiasing when using hardware acceleration, making many fonts harder to read.

  • Okay. How to solve it?

  • If you want to disable hardware acceleration in Opera, go to Settings and click on the Browser section. I'm not on my computer to read the exact phrasing of the setting, but it is there.

  • disabled it and it still doesnt work. Weird font is still there in some pages/websites. Your reply is in weird font too. But when I am typing this reply, the font is in Times.

  • Inspecting this page shows it should be in Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial or whatever generic sans serif font your system uses. Helvetica is not common on Windows, though some printers will include it and often have a very poor version available to show on the display ... I suppose if we've ruled out hardware acceleration then it must be that. You could try changing your "generic sans serif font" but as that option is only used when the other options fail I don't think it will have an effect. So then you'd need to use an extension to change the page's stylesheet so that it doesn't use the bad font.

  • Could you please give some specifications of the system you are having the issue on? Like OS version (Windows 7 SP1 x86) browser version from the about page, etc. Also does the issue occur on other browsers with Chromium engine? Does it occur on Internet Explorer/Edge?

    I've had a very weird experience on Windows 7 (both x86 and x64) not displaying Georgian unicode font first in Google Chrome, later on Opera. The letters were displayed as empty square boxes. The problem appeared after Chrome (and later Opera) updated automatically to the latest version.
    The reason was a font! I did not try to pinpoint which one was responsible, I just copied all Segoe fonts from a Windows 10 system to the affected system and the issue was resolved. This fixed the small text displayed in the system tooltips (like mouse over the clock to see the date).

    I am not sure it is related to your problem, but it is worth a try.