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Opera 37 is theme image darkened?

  • I'm trying to use some images as themes, but when I install them they come up much darker and less vibrant than the originals. I have fiddled with brightness, gamma and contrast but have not been able to make them look right on the Start Page. Does Opera intentionally tone down the pictures? And if so, how can I override that?

  • Maybe this article can help.

  • Ok, I understand. I'm gonna try making a theme in accord with, though I don't need animation. I'll get back. Maybe someone more experienced than I will write an extension to strip the shadow.

  • You only need to edit the theme's persona.ini and include/edit the following line:

    [Start Page]    
    Use Overlay = false;
  • Yes, but I cannot find any persona.ini on my computer. Where do I look?

  • Found a sample theme file: Added the line "Use Overlay = false" and installed it. Worked brilliantly. I can't see a way to do this with the pre-packaged themes, since they don't come with a persona.ini file -- unless you know of some way to download them as .zip files. However, I can make my own install package for each image that I want to use.

    Thanks for your help!

  • I can't see a way to do this with the pre-packaged themes, since they don't come with a persona.ini file

    It's inside the package.

  • Well, there is much that I did not know -- but I'm gaining on it. I found the downloaded files in c:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\themes. They are zip packages, which is why Everything couldn't find the persona.ini's. The downloaded ones are "stored in UTF-8 encoding," which makes reading them in Notepad a bit awkward. But adding text is easy and produces the desired results.

    Thanks again. I'll call this Solved.

  • omg, tcebob, could you tell me where in winxp those themes can be stored? I hate darkened themes!!

  • Ansar, "For Office Equipment and import and export of photocopying machines offers contracts" in case the reader has trouble with arabic.

    dashusi4ka, I really don't know XP for Opera. On my Win 10 machine the standard themes are in C:\Progs\Opera\37.0.2178.54\resources\standard_themes. I suppose this changes with the Opera version in use. I'm guessing that opera will reload the standard themes at every update, so If you alter one, copy it to your Opera Stable\Themes directory. Also, to be safe, back up all your personal themes.

  • Now, in 38.0.2220.29, there is an Experiments option to turn off the dark overlay. chrome://flags/#no-theme-overlay

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