annoying option on top of every video !

  • ok so it's been a while since i'm getting this option on top of ever video i watch online , it looks like it has arrow on both the sides and is 45 degree tilted , it makes you watch a video in smaller size , it disappears after a while and whenever you hover you mouse over the video it appears again ! i'm so tired of this ! how do i get rid of it ? any option ? any setting ?

  • the doesnt actually make the video smaller but creates a smaller pop-up of the video so you can watch video by doing something else (different tab, different software, doesnt matter, it stays on top).
    well I refrain from mousing videos anyway because their controls also show.
    I like the option but if you dont want it you can disable it here:

  • you can disable it here:

    Always remembering to read the warning on the top of the page.

  • obvious.
    well in that thing I like the "I'll be careful, I promise" thing from FF that forces you to read the warning better.

  • thanks to all of you ! this really helped me ! 😃

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