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  • Opera 37.0.2178.43, win 10 pro x64 build 10586.318. After auto-update I lost all my settings, themes, extensions, speed dial. History, bookmarks and passwords stayed untouched, fortunately. I restored it all just to loose again after browser restart. And it happens every time I restart opera. Seems like the settings aren't being saved. Opera saves speed dial page as a folder (even the empty one) "desktop-*****" in "other speed dial" section on bookmarks page every time I exit the browser, so I don't loose it completely. And downloaded themes are still present, just reset to default on restart. But the extensions and settings are lost for good. I reinstalled Opera (cleared the register in process, appdata folders were empty) end it happened again. Sync was turned off, opera profile - not logged in. This starts to annoy me already. And I kinda don't know where to write, 'cause I didn't find any "contact tech support" button.
    Any suggestions?

  • Does it happens in a standalone installation?

  • Same here, I have this problem for maybe last months, and it is really annoying. I have been using Opera for almost 12 years, but now, with this issue, I am really thinking about to switch to a different browser... Anybody any ideas, please?

  • Same here

    Same question for you.

  • What do you mean if it happens in installation?

  • He said "standalone".

    It appears rather ambiguous though, Leo:

    Standalone software may refer to:

    • Computer software that can work offline, i.e. does not necessarily require network connection to function
    • Software that is not a part of some bundled software
    • A program that is run as a separate computer process, not an add-on of an existing process
    • Standalone program, a program that does not require operating system's services to run
    • A portable application, which can be run without the need for installation procedure
    • Stand-alone expansion pack, expansion packs that do not require the original game

  • What do you mean if it happens in installation?

    If you do a standalone installation, the same problem occurs?

    To do a standalone installation, run the installer again, change the installation path and the 'install for' field to 'standalone /usb'.

  • Hey, I tried it and the problem is alway there... at the beginning, It looked OK, when I closed and then opend opera, everything was fine. But, when I turn off and on the computer, the same problem occured again...

  • What version of Opera?

  • 37.0.2178.54, Windows 10 Home 64-bit

  • Does the same happens with Opera 38?

  • Yes, I tried it today and still the same 😞

  • Sorry for ignoring the thread )

    Was it a standalone installation? It wasn't.

    At first, I thought that opera messed up with win10 UAC somehow, preventing the user data to be saved properly, but I don't think that's the case. It saves some of the preferences, after all, and the speed dial isn't completely lost, just reset to default on restart.
    I guess, the issue was in the way opera syncs the user data with the account, because when i was logged in and sync was active it did not happen. But when I turned the sync off and deleted the sync data, the browser restart was fine, but on PC restart I lost it again. So, maybe the user settings are somehow being saved as a sort of temp data, so everything is purged on restart.

    Anyway, I upgraded to beta and have kept opera sync active so far, and it solved this for me.

    Today logged off opera account, turned of the sync and deleted the sync data. After PC restart nothing lost, opera is doing good by now. If anything changes, i'll post here.

  • This happens to me too. I am on latest build of Opera stable. I need opera sync since I use opera on my android phone too. I am gonna try using opera beta now. If it doesn't work, I am gonna have to use Vivaldi since the only reason I use opera desktop is for sync with android opera.

  • Opera beta works, even with sync turned on. Stable is not working at all even without sync. Why is the beta more stable than the stable???