Intersitial Ads

  • Recently I started to use Opera Mini and I liked a lot the data saver but I am having a very annoying problem, and I dont know if is a "bug" or a "feature", when I am browsing with Opera Mini in 3g some annoying interstitial ads appears, they are alaways from my carrier promoting their app store.
    The ads appear usually when I open a link in a new tab and the only way to continue is to click on a "remind me later", there is never a dismiss button.
    This is realy annoying and only happens with Opera Mini, so the question is: Is this a partnetship between Opera and my carrier or just my carrier hijacking my connection?
    And there is a way to get rid of it?

    Carrier: TIM
    Country: Brazil
    SO: Cyanogenmod 13 nightly
    Data: 3g with Extreme Mode

  • or just my carrier hijacking my connection?

    Most probably this as Mini doesn't do that kind of thing.

  • @a222a, what's your Mini version?

  • @smyru I am using the latest one(103662) and I tested with the beta version too.

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