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Opera Feeds gone after launching program with 0 bytes of HDD

  • Opera feeds and mail gone but speedial and bookmarks bar are still intact.

    Anyone can help me get my feeds back??

  • The feed list is gone too? Or only the content?

  • after re-writing the message 3 times cause of crashes (yes i do hate my pc)..

    I made a backup as soon as i knew something was amiss, but after i reininstalled opera everyting was gone, there was no mail account and no rss feeds to read or to see but the speedial and bookmark bar were in order, so the problem is the ''local'' map not the ''roaming máp''.

    That was strange as the local map is around 1.45 GB..

    So i dont know what to do, i spend a weekend desperately trying to figure it out, but alas..

    I hope anyone can help!

  • First, try checking on Help > About Opera (Mail) if Opera is poiting to the correct mail directory.

  • Check that accounts.ini in the mail folder still has the feeds account listed.

    Your feed subscriptions will be in the "newsfeed" folder in the mail folder. There's a binary file for each feed.

    The "Feeds" category and each feed folder/view is defined in index.ini.

    As for the feed messages themselves, they're in the store/accountN folder where N is the number for the feeds account as seen in accounts.ini.

    As for keeping track of the feed messages, that's stored in the binary omailbase.dat. The search indexes for the feed messages are stored in the lexicon folder in binary files. What views those feed messages belong to are stored in the indexer folder in binary files.

    If the feeds account is just missing from accounts.ini, you can try adding its section back. Just make sure you make it the same numbered section it was before and make sure the account count and the next available account values at the top are correct then.

    If it's just the views, you might be able to restore index.ini with a very recent backup.

    If the files are missing from the newsfeed folder, you might get lucky if you restore them from a super recent backup.

    If the database and or indexer is corrupted, you can close down Opera and edit opearprefs.ini in the preferences folder (see help -> about Opera for the location). Under the "Mail" section, add/set:

    Mail Database Consistency Check Time=0

    Then, start Opera up and close it so you get the mail check dialog. Then, Opera will shut down and fix a few things if it can.

    If fails, you can try replacing the indexer and omailbase.dat files with a super-recent backup.

    If all else fails, you'll want to export your feed list via "Menu -> settings -> import and export -> export feeds list" (if your subscriptions are still there) and close Opera. then, you'll need to rename the "mail" folder and start Opera so Opera creates a new one. Then, you'll import your feed list (or manually subscribe to each feed if you have to).

    Then, since Opera doesn't have an option to import feed messages as feeds, you're going to have to goto "Menu -> settings -> import and export -> import mail -> import generic mbox -> add folder" and choose the mail/store/accountN folder that's your feed messages folder and import them all together into a local POP account so you at least have them somewhere. Only new messages will show in the feed views though.

    Also note that with multiple accounts in Opera, you can right-click in the mail panel, goto "show messages from" and choose to only show one account at a time if you want in Opera's "All Messages" views for example. This is useful if you have mail accounts too and don't want to see the local imported feeds mixed in with other mail there.

    Note that if you have mail accounts too, you'll have to set up your IMAP accounts again. For POP accounts, you'll have to set them up again then import from their corresponding accountN folders from the old mail folder and then remove any imported messages that are duplicates of ones on the server. You'll also lose all your labels, so you'll have to set them up again.

    Hopefully you won't have to do that though and can just use your backup. As Leo said, check that the mail folder location that Opera is uses is correct. Byt default, it'll be "C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Opera\Opera\mail" (or "Opera Mail\Opera Mail\mail" if you're using Opera Mail 1.0 instead of Opera 12.16). But, if the "Mail Root Directory" line is present under the "Mail" section in operaprefs.ini, Opera will use whatever path is specified there.

    Those are pretty much the only options you have available to fix the problem.