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Opera is minimized in the label

  • Hit alt + shift to change the language, but the buttons are ondu doge and began typing, eventually Opera folds into a separate label, you tell me how to fix it?

  • Sorry, you'll have to explain it better. I'm not sure what you mean there. What version of Opera and of Windows?

    If Windows thought Alt was still held down, then Alt+space followed by N would minimize the window, and Alt+space followed by R would restore it or Alt+space followed by X would maximize it. Same as the buttons in the corner of the window. Right-clicking on the taskbar icon's preview displays a menu with the same options.

  • I do not know how to explain it better, I took video

  • You sure other programs don't do that too? I'd think it has to be something you added to Windows, as I haven't seen anything comparable to that since about Windows 3.1. Mine doesn't do that, and you seem to be running Windows 7 same as I am.

  • Other programs are turned off normally, only Opera is minimized to an icon.

  • somebody can help me here? or do I seek help elsewhere?

  • Which version of Opera?
    In Presto, there was (is) an exit dialogue, with an option "not to ask again", where you can choose to either close or minimise the browser application. It might've been it. If so, try finding "exit" settings in the browser preferences.

  • version 30 and 12.15, setting the "Exit" - do not understand what you mean.

  • If 12.15, initially there an exit dialogue must have existed, where you might have (accidentally) ticked the "don't ask again" box and chosen "hide", or "minimise to system tray". Or if you weren't the only person having access to your workstation. :rolleyes:

  • what are you talking about? You read the first message? probably not read. I have reviewed all of the opera setting and nowhere Founded nor any mention of the folding box.

  • That is not a standard feature of Opera. Do you have any kind of addon in Opera or in Windows that does that?

  • no,no

  • If you open the Windows frame menu or "File" menu and choose "Close"/"Exit", does it work as expected?

  • I think topic starter should reask his question in the Russian subforum instead of confusing people here with a machine translation.

    The video posted here is also as meaningless as the question itself.