upload test on testmy.net with opera 20.0.138 consistently 6mb/s when it should be 10mb/s

  • I seem to be getting 6 megs rather than 10 on testmy.net using latest opera stable, though both firefox and ie report the full 10mb/s upload. I can confirm 10 megs is about what I actually have as I am experiencing uploads of files reaching around 1200KB/s with ftp and torrents. It is very consistently testing slower on opera and I have tested both over wifi and UTP no difference. Also have tested on two different PC`s using windows 7 64 bit. I have cable internet(Videotron) 20/10 and the download test results from opera match other browsers so no problem there. Oh and also no my turbo mod/offroad is not active and I have consistent results with firwalls and av disabled. If any one else can confirm this it is about a 40% reduction in upload vs firefox or ie. If anyone have any thoughts on how I could tweak opera for proper upload your help would be appreciated.

  • Upload results seems ok here, i have a ~3Mbps upload connection and the test shows 2.6Mbps.

  • did you get the same in firefox and did you tewt on testmy.net

  • did you get the same in firefox and did you tewt on testmy.net

    Not exactly the same but similar results on Opera, IE and Firefox.

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