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Manipulating bookmarks from Firefox / other issues

  • Opera 37 for computers
    Win XP Pro

    1--I can't find anything on bookmarks in the Opera Help file. Firefox is my default browser, but I use Opera for a particular set of sites because it's faster.

    I've imported my bookmarks from FF, but the particular folder I use heavily is now 6 sub-folders deep. In FF, I can move such a folder or individual bookmarks up in the hierarchy or remove bookmarks. I can't find any way in Opera to manipulate FF bookmarks, although I have no trouble manipulating Opera bookmarks. Is the FF bookmark folder locked into its status when imported?

    2--LastPass has disappeared from my extension menu, although the extension page tells me it's installed.


    3--How do I keep the bookmark sidebar permanently? It's gone now and I can't find anything in Help about getting it back

  • 3--re: sidebar. All my imported bookmarks were in the sidebar and disappeared with it. That sort of solves the problem of the bookmarks being buried ,-)

  • I can't find any way in Opera to manipulate FF bookmarks

    Have you tried the Bookmarks Manager?

    It's gone now and I can't find anything in Help about getting it back

    Ctrl + Shift + S

  • I just reopened Opera after several hours, and the sidebar and LastPass icon mysteriously reappeared.
    Now the sidebar's gone again. CTL+SHF+S gives me a little plus sign on the left, and when I click it, the extension page appears in a new tab. No sidebar, no bookmark managers. Is it somewhere in the main Menu?

  • The bookmark manager can be accessed from the menu and the Speed Dial page.

  • I have something whose icon looks like a 2-legged table that I got from the menu. The bookmarks appear in the sidebar, but I can't do anything like renaming, moving or removing. I downloaded an other extension called "V7 bookmarks," but it blanks out the sidebar completely.

    I don't know what Speed Dial does. It just produces a blank page when I click it.

    This browser has become a disappointment. The manual is missing so many things. It had been so easy to use a few years ago, more intuitive and with fewer "improvements." It's going the way of Firefox.

  • can't do anything like renaming

    Right click > Edit?


    Have you tried to drag the bookmark to the folder you want?


    Right click > Move to Bin.

    I don't know what Speed Dial does

    In menu? It opens your Speed Dial page (also knows as Start Page)

    It had been so easy to use a few years ago, more intuitive and with fewer "improvements."

    AS an Opera user since the 1990's i think i can say that it's easier to use nowadays.

  • I'm not a newbie; I've been computing 20 years. I wouldn't bring it up if I already succeeded.

    The rt-click menu has this for both Opera and FF bookmarks:
    "Open in new tab
    in new window
    in private window
    background tab"


    The bookmarks will not drag; I get the "do not enter" symbol.

    Speed-dial is not my homepage; changed it long ago to OK, so now SD shows my bookmarks interactively, but I want to do that on the sidebar of a webpage. Speed-Dial takes up an entire window. Is that possible?

  • I also downloaded this extension yesterday:
    The "please wait" icon spins, but nothing comes up.

    I was just thinking: maybe the newest Opera can't run properly on Win XP.

  • The rt-click menu has this for both >Opera and FF bookmarks: "Open in new >tab >in new window in private window >background tab"


    Try selecting the bookmark and click on the edit icon, the one that looks like a pen.

    . Is that possible?

    Only by using an extension.

  • I have no "edit" icon that looks like a pen, a bus or a sweet potato.

    I'll do the editing in Speed Dial.

  • which version of Opera do you have?
    for XP, latest is 36.0.2130.75
    (you can find it in O-button >> About Opera)

  • V. 36.0.2130.75

    I'm going to uninstall and reinstall.

  • I uninstalled and reinstalled, but nothing has changed. I can interact with the Opera bookmarks in the toolbar, but not the Firefox ones in the sidebar. They're in a folder called "Other bookmarks," and I can't drag that into the toolbar on top.

  • select all inside that folder and drag it where you need it
    you can't move that folder (other/imported bookmarks)

  • Nothing moves, but I just D/L this, and it lets you produce that rt-click menu. I have about 1500 bookmarks, so orderly sorting is important.

    I'm getting the feel of Opera. Some of the functions that are native to Firefox have to be added to Op with extensions.

    Thanks to everyone who helped