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Opera's add-on's notifications don't work?

  • Hello,
    I've made a Google Chrome extension that works and I would like to propose it on Opera. But when I want to display a notification in Opera, it doesn't work.

    Here is a piece of basic code :

    	"type": "basic",
    	"title": "Test",
    	"message": "Test",
    	"iconUrl": "./data/notif.png"
    }, function(url) { });

    The resulted log is :

    I don't have any error neither a notification.

    Could anyone help me to display a notification? Thank you.

  • I tested this code in the background script of an extension, and it worked. Are you sure you have declared the permission in the manifest? ("notifications")

  • Yes, it come from a Chrome extension, so i've did it.

    But i've tried to install other add-on (from other developper) which are supposed to send notification, and it doesn't.

    Is there a settings to enable them?

  • In extension settings, it say :

    My extension peut :
    Lire et modifier vos données sur
    Afficher les notifications
    [ notifications,* ]

    Or in english : Use data from, display notifications.

  • Here is a minimal example i've made :

    Could anyone download it and tell me if it works, and if not, how to fix it?

    Thank you.

  • It works, totally unmodified.

    Can you tell us the following:

    • What Operating system are you testing on?
    • OS version
    • Opera stream (Stable, Beta or Developer)
    • Opera version
  • I'm a on Windows 10

    Opera 37.0, stable

  • 37.0.2178.32*

  • I tested your extension on a Windows 10 computer with the exact same Opera version, and it worked. Are you sure you haven't somehow turned off notifications in the Operating system? Perhaps you can test with other extensions, or on some test site that use web notifications.

  • I've tried to use other extensions that are supposed to send notification and i've got nothing. If i've turned something off, i would not have notification on Chrome and Mozilla.

    My Opera installation is new, I will try to reinstall it.