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  • I have disabled every add-on in my opera browser and yet this keeps popping up. When I hover over text (like when you are about to right click and copy and paste something) it keeps saying "Search with Google | Copy" I have found the actual script that's doing it as well. I have also found the extension in the Opera task manager. It is called "Search and Copy extension." Here is what it looks like. I am literally about to stop using Opera because of this. It is honestly my favorite browser, but this feature is a deal breaker for me. IS THERE ANY WAY TO TURN IT OFF?!?!

  • I believe this is your question on SO

    • I could't find that extension on Opera addons store and Chrome web store ... did you install it from official source (those two stores)?
    • do you see that extension on opera://extensions/ page as enabled?... do you see it at all?
    • if you disabled/removed extension, script could still be active in previously opened tabs, so you need to refresh them

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  • Hi, I do not see it in opera://extensions. I have not installed any add-ons. I just noticed this since I updated. here

  • I just now went through all of my extensions in appdata roaming and there is no search and copy extension.. I am wondering if it's hidden from view.

  • First, download Opera from here

    Second, rename Operá profile folder and then install the downloaded Opera.

    Check if it helps.

  • Potato, it's come to existence with my Chrome just now - today noticed.
    I don't know, it might be a new Chromium thingy.

  • Potato, it's come to existence with my Chrome just now - today noticed.
    I don't know, it might be a new Chromium thingy.

    I know right! It's evil! lol

  • Hi Leo, when I downloaded what you sent me, it worked. I am guessing it has something to do with the new update. I will continue to use this one then I guess, regretfully. I really liked the new one.. Wish there was a way to disable that. I even know the script that's causing it as well. If I could just block it and bring it to its knees I would love it again.