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Opera Mini 16 for Android

  • on android 4.2.2

  • on this version, I unable to upload file, something strange happend, on old version I can uploa it, please check the whole things. also i have tried the beta 17, still no fix

  • Really love the ad blocker option, I feel it's been a long time coming. however, I would kindly ask you to update the Java version and add this ad block option as I feel that's where this feature is needed the most. ads not only are annoying but make the page load larger as a result low end phones have a hard time scrolling and more data is used as well.

  • Well, cookies don't work in this version. Site preferences reset always after a while and show that cookie dialog again (after starting opera anew or turning data connection on/off). Otherwise everything is good.

  • @draqonyx, thanks for your input. We are aware of the cookie issue and will push the fix soon.

  • I frequently saved a lot of webpages. Can opera allow pages to be saved in folders (& alphabetically) for easier retrieving later vs. chronologically now? (older pages are way down the menu...)


  • another thing, the font size of menu contents are fixed, regardless of phone settings (currently large for my 4" phone screen) Can opera allow font size change for all menus ...

  • another thing, the font size of menu contents are large for my 4" phone screen (even on smallest font setting of phone - bookmarks, saved pages titles cannot fully be displayed in a single line). Can opera allow smaller font size for all menus (in opera mini ver7.6, menu content titles are displayed fully in a single line because fonts are smaller) ...

    (Pls disregard above font size comments as editing period lapses...)

  • ya, really hope that pages can be saved into folders for easy referencing and retrieving.

    and is there a way to transfer present bookmarks, speed-dial to a new phone?

  • and is there a way to transfer present bookmarks, speed-dial to a new phone?

    Use Sync.

  • The problem with the download is that the progress priority only as dismissible notification, not a running process like a regular browser usually has. It's honestly the dumbest decision to put in opera mini.

    I know the development started from feature phone java environment which not having app notification, but what the heck? Why stop with just notification?

    On some many case, downloading is a one shot thing, and with this notification priority it's like leaving it to fortune call.

    Like just recently, while I was downloading a 800MB file, it unexpectedly stopped at 245MB. When I check it says 'waiting for WiFi network'. How strange! I was in my home WiFi network all the time! And it stopped while I browse the net WITHIN OPERA MINI! And did you know what I get when trying to resume it? download failed.

    In the end I gotta let go 245MB for fu*king nothing.

    Can you imagine how frustrated I am?

    So please, opera mini, please use priority for downloading like other ordinary browser.

  • pls be grateful for a free browser...if unsatisfied, there are other similar low-data browser.

  • Still Opera Mini is more than a bullshit browser when it comes with file downloading but when it comes with web browsing Opera Mini is the best of all. I continuously report to Opera team to fix all the downloading problem since Opera Mini 7.6.4 some of the bug reports are confirmed by Opera Mini QA team. But now its Opera Mini 17 beta update 4 & the developers do nothing at yet. Opera Mini is just disappointed me. I'm totally fed up only for Opera Mini's crappy poor file downloading system.

  • @lantohsay or ask to make it satisfying.

    honestly, who don't want improvements? apparently it's you.

  • @d-wa: We're actively working on improving the file download experience in Opera Mini (with varying degrees of success ;)) but it would be great if you could help us debug the issues you're experiencing. Can you please fill a bug report from within your Opera Mini client and post the bug ID here? Please add your e-mail in the report so I can reach out to you directly.

  • I'm getting an error. It says err page did not load, empty response. Do I have my settings wrong?

  • @olasia I think it's not a bug or apps failure, so I can't really report it as an issue.
    the function is working as it should, but it could be better. (just use the goddamn persistent running process for downloads)

  • It just wasted my time as it used to so many times before I finally quit bothering w/forum. I composed a lengthy comment about the problems & clicked to post. It scrolled me back up to the top and so I scrolled back down here AGAIN (ugh) and see my comment did not post. Same ol shit for yrs. Can't even open simple website "". Etc etc. Tried new opera mini also & same thing. O well. Years go by same crap. Pitiful

  • I see nothing much has changed.. Using my older opera mini it can't even open simple website "", so I finally downloaded a new opera mini (still keeps asking me every single day to try it, with a huge ad which I have to navigate around or click on "later". Stupid pain is the ass. I already have it) and the new opera mini, after all these years, can't even open that very simple & basic website. Seems pitiful to me. What's the problem? As has been the case for years now (lost count on how many years), there are other sites that won't open as well & numerous sites that won't open properly or fully or fully functional. What kind of supposedly worldwide use, developed for years browser (android) can't even open simple website? All I get is a blank page. I see also from the above comments that there is still the same old issues with downloading. I gave up on opera mini years ago bcuz of that. Can't believe it's still a big issue. Wow. If the above issues are inherent somehow in the type of browser it is, then I think there should be a bug header that says: sorry but please be aware that opera mini, due to its general makeup, is not able to open all websites & is not able to download much in many cases. I also know something else.. As I became very frustrated w/opera mini years ago for the above reasons, I used to report that I had no such issues w/uc browser. Then uc browser also started to compress for big data savings, same as opera mini, and guess what?..... it STILL works to open any website I have ever tried to open & still downloads anything ever tried. These issues have been present for me, throughout numerous versions & several android phones, for several yrs now. Hard to understand all these new, improved (supposedly) versions after versions (so many I've lost count) and I still can't go to numerous websites. Also, I see that although there is a couple responses from some helpers above, still for the most part, most questions & complaints go unanswered like it always was here. Also, when I came here to make this post, I have to scroll & scroll from oldest to newest comments to get to them. Well, I'm glad there seems to be some ppl who like & enjoy opera mini usage. I don't get it? Since I only rarely come here, if anyone has any useful reply, plz send to unless there is a notification process bcuz I forgot this forum even exists anymore & only found it bcuz I was scratching around for some tweak to get it to open Thanx

  • Just to be clear, it didn't post my 1st comment, so I made 2nd one to mention that & then when I hot back button to leave, there was the unposted composed comment which did indeed now post. So like always, pretty quirky. Bye.