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  • Hello!

    I have a problem with the function that reloads a tab everytime switch to it.
    Is there a way to switch this off by default?
    (opera 36, android 4.2, galaxy s3)
    I looked around but could not find a solution. If this has been posted somewhere, please post a link here.

    Thank you very much!

  • It has been discussed multiple times to no effect ...

    Apparently it is related to Android memory management; if another app needs the memory then the tab is discarded and has to be reloaded.

  • If you have the standard s3 then you have 1gb ram,
    You ideally need 2gb ram to enjoy opera.

    Opera roughly uses 350-500mb thats why you have this issue, disable alot of your samsung unwanted app, (bloat), or flash cyanogen.
    It wasnt till android 4.4 kitkat they implemented trim support for flash storage.

  • Thanks very much to both of you.
    I was hoping for an easy solution, but if it cannot be helped, it cannot be helped.

  • I'd say it's a Chromium issue and not an Android memory management as I am not noticing this behavior in Firefox for example.

  • Very true, i havent seen the redraws with other browsers, Google chrome is ment to be light weight and compatible for all devices, there is opera flags you could try.