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What about the real estate on top?

  • Is there no way to get rid of, or minimize, the wasted space above the tabs. It's driving me nuts. Otherwise, I love Opera Beta.

  • If the window is maximized, the menu button moves left of the tabs and the space is reduced somewhat. But there is a setting to remove it completely for maximized windows. Go to Settings (from the menu or Alt-P) and click on Browser. Scroll to the bottom and enable Advanced settings. Under User Interface, you'll now see a checkbox for "Disable tab bar's top spacing when browser window is maximized".

  • Yeah, I saw that earlier, which begs the question: Why minimize space when the window is maximized but not when it's windowed? 😉

  • Because when the window is windowed, you need to be able to drag it.

  • I suppose there is that. Thanks.

  • Why can't you just grab it in the space next to the tabs? Why does there have to be an entire bar of wasted space? This is really a deal breaker for me since it wastes so much space and I only use browsers windowed.

    And at least let it merge the bars when you use Windows snap feature since this is effectively partially maximized and no need to drag the browser around when it's snapped.

  • Many people completely fill the tab bar ...

  • I know that can be a problem when the entire width of the window is filled up with tabs and there is no place to grab the window for moving it, but this isn't rocket science. I am sure the creative folks at Opera can come up with a solution, maybe a little handlebar that pops up when you move your cursor to the top right edge of the browser.