• How can I download torrents using Opera? I tried to click the magnet but that just opens my default torrent application... If I don't have any client it will just say that it doen't know how to handle such link.
    I also tried to enter this address "opera:config#BitTorrent|Enable" but the it just opened the settings.
    What should I do in order to enable the torrent feature in Opera for windows? I tries in both stable and beta.
    I'm using windows 7 64bit and windows 10 64bit.

  • What version of Opera is being used? Opera Blink (Opera 15+) doesn't have a torrent client.

  • IF you find it wont download a torrent then you're using an version of Opera 15+ which as stated does not have a built in torrent client like Opera 12.xx what you need is a good client like qBitorrent

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