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  • So recently I have been having an issue where anything that requires WebGL just doesn't wanna work on Opera, be it SculptGL, PaintBerri or anything else. I can't seem to figure out why; everything I could find that addresses this issue is from 2011 or some other year with probably-super-outdated info (mostly 2011). This stuff works on my backup browser (Firefox), so it's definitely not an issue with my computer- it's something in Opera itself. This also only recently started happening, with no settings changes that I can remember in between when it was working and when it wasn't.

    For the record, I'm using Opera version 36.0.2130.65, and I have hardware acceleration off because I've found it breaks more things than it helps.

    What's going on?

    EDIT: Ah, I suppose I should be more clear with what I mean by WebGL "not working". It's acting as though WebGL isn't supported by my browser, even though I KNOW it is.

  • You should say what version of Opera, and what version of Windows. Also whether Hardware Acceleration is enabled, and what sort of video you have. For example, I did a search and came up with this page of WebGL examples. Picking one that looked interesting. I selected the Medusae example and launched it; it ran fine on my Windows 7 ultrabook with Intel graphics. Likewise the 8 thousanders example runs well (after taking some time to load).

  • I am having the same issue. Everything I have read indicates that WebGL should be working, but Ancestry tells me that it isn't.

    My version is: 36.0.2130.80 (says it's up to date)

  • 36 being "up to date" means you run Vista or XP, which are not supported by more recent versions. Let me check ... yes, .80 is the latest update for XP.

    Did you try any of the samples linked in my earlier post?