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  • When I installed Opera Developer I can use the browser without any issues at all. It is very nice. When I go to settings, Privacy & Security and enable the VPN it still works very nicely, however, if I close Opera and then attempt to reopen it, it crashes. The browser opens and when the screen comes up it says that Opera has recovered from a crash. Then the screen goes away and it then comes back up still saying that Opera has recovered from a crash. After the 2nd screen the browser just shuts down. Only way I could fix this issue was to uninstall the browser and do a reinstall making sure that I do not enable the VPN unless I just want to use the VPN for that one time because I will not be able to restart the browser without first uninstalling it and then reinstalling it. I'm sure you guys will get this fixed, and soon I hope because I really love this browser. Adding the VPN feature is just brilliant. Beats the heck out of Microsoft's unfinished Edge browser.

    Has anyone else had this same problem and if so, have you found a way to correct the problem?

    I am using a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10 Pro, I have 16 Gigs of Memory and a 1TB ssd drive. The computer is only about 3 sweeks old. The sooner this can get fixed, the sooner Opera will be my default browser.

  • Yes I have the same thing happening on my Windows 10 PC. If I turn the VPN off before I exit then the browser works properly but if I leave the VPN on and exit the browser, the browser on crashes when I try to launch it. I simply deleted the files in my "appdata\Roaming" folder and the browser will launch without a crash but off course my setting are gone.


  • Hi

    Exact same problem here ! - Windows 10 PC


  • Same with me. Wasn't sure what the cause is. I was using the vpn feature, and it seems to work fine on the linux version. But the Windows 10 versions crashes, even after a reinstall.


  • It's known and being worked on.

  • Until a few days ago Opera Developer release has been stable ... getting crashes frequently now

  • This problem affects me on my wife's Lenovo Yoga (which is part tablet) and on my desktop, but it only affects me on the desktop when I use a stylus to press the VPN button. If I use a mouse and cursor it doesn't crash. Might help some of you solve the problem.

  • I just installed Ubuntu, on a Mac Pro. Opera appears to work fine, until I click Use VPN, in the preferences. The window grays out, and doesn't come back. I have to force quit. I've use this feature extensively in Mac OS El Capitan, and it works flawlessly. Do you have a time line on a fix. It looks like it's been a problem for quite a while, judging from the other forum entries.

  • To temperately solve this problem - use launch with nVidia instead of default Intel card.