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"Upgraded" to 36, from 12.17, why did they destroy opera?

  • I don't update things because in the past decade developers have decided that tiny little one pixel changes are a required update for things, and I got sick of dealing with everything wanting to update day after day, and opera 12.17 was when I stopped. Now I got a new computer built and decided to try everything from scratch, and i'm extremely disappointed in what happened to opera.

    I can't fathom what thought process decided it would be a good idea to remove over 80% of the available settings, or to change how tabs function, or how mouse buttons work, or why I have to use google to find out how to do what used to be a simple thing, or even why the speed dial doesn't show thumbnails anymore.

    Who thought changing and removing this stuff was a good idea? Was it change for the sake of change? It's turned opera from my favorite browser into "the browser I only use because its got 9 years of my lifes history in bookmarks on it".

    Sure, opera runs great, but thats all it does, it used to be a tire that you could carefully tweak to be perfect for yourself, now its basically an apple product (because apple makes things for the intellectually impaired). The only reason I haven't re-downgraded to 12.17 is because I fear that if I attempt it ill lose everything.

    So what's the deal with the devs? Why did they actively destroy what used to be the best browser? Are they being paid by the amount of updates they push? BY the amount of things they change? Whats the deal?

  • Last version for classic opera is 12.18 . i like opera classic , too .

  • Actually I almost agree with you. I REALLY liked 12.17. When I surrendered and went to the newer versions of OPERA, I decided to'go for broke', and have been running the Latest, Greatest Developer versions ever since! '38.0.2198.0-64 bit' right now, and all of them have run great. I suggest 'adventure'....

    But, I know how it goes and, for instance, I will never 'advance' to Windows 10 as long as I have ONE remaining well running WIN7 computer! I guess we reach a point of being too old and cranky...

    Run what you actually like......Yessir.........

  • Opera was dying back then and they couldn't keep up, the new Opera is a totally different browser.. Not perfect at the moment but it is alive and competing.

  • I do not enjoy using new opera as much as the old versions. Whenever I have to use another browser, I am just as likely to chose one of the other browsers as new opera. But I see what they did. Using Chrome was the best and easiest way to ensuring compatibility nowadays

  • This thread should be closed. It's been batted around for years, not months. Time to move on.

  • This has been a discussion of 3 years and there is no need to keep repeating it.