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Why can't I play 4K video's on Youtube, While I can on Chrome/Firefox and even IE?

  • Hi,

    I've been using Opera for like almost 5 years now and so far so good.
    Had my fair share of problems of course, and had to reinstall Opera quite a few times but never had any trouble with sites/loading.
    Now that 4K video's are getting more popular (And me having a 4K monitor) I would like to be able to watch 4K quality while still using Opera, but for some reason I cant.
    When I select the 4K option on Youtube the video begins to buffer REALLY slow, and even stutters when playing if it's loaded (This isn't the case in Chrome/firefox and not even in IE). Is Opera just not capable of playing 4k quality?
    I'd love to hear more about this, what is the problem, can it be solved and if yes, how?

    Thanks in Advance,

    Kind regards,

  • ^ Opera 36 struggles to even play 720p YT videos on my machine... Opera is the slowest browser out of O/FF/IE. Firefox is much faster (the codes are more efficient), which is why it can handle 4K nicely on your machine!

  • I've just tried a couple of (4K) videos on Youtube and didn't notice any major issues to play them.

    What are your OS and computer specifications?

  • I've just tried a couple of (4K) videos on Youtube and didn't notice any major issues to play them.
    What are your OS and computer specifications?

    Hi, thanks for the Reply.

    My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium x64 (Cannot be upgraded to 10)
    Intel Core i7, 3.40GHz, 8.0 GB RAM, NVIDEA GeForce GTX 550 Ti.
    And my Internet is around 120Mbps dowload and even higher 180mbps upload...

    But like I said, this problem only occurs with Opera... Chrome, Firefox and IE all run smoothly... It's the same with Facebook btw, sometimes facebook video's wont load, sometimes they only play with a blackscreen and sound, and sometimes they work fine but again take forever to load..
    You can turn off the HD function in most facebook vids but most of the time that has no effect.
    I've tried everything, re-install, clean the cookies, delete all user info, looked online for different extentions that might help load the video's but to no succes...

    It's a shame really, because it almost makes me go use Chrome, it offers pretty much the same stuff as Opera but does everything just a tad better...

  • Other videos (meaning non 4K ones) play fine?

  • Other videos (meaning non 4K ones) play fine?

    Yep no Problem what so ever, 1080P (And 1080P 60fps) works great, loads smoothly, plays smoothly, nothing wrong with that.
    Same with 1440P btw, takes a second to start but then it runs like normal, pretty much a 1/2 play/loading ratio so thats nice.. but somehow with 4k the video starts to stutter, the loading bar loads/stops/loads/stops and it takes like 10 seconds to even start the video and thats only on Opera.... It's not like I'm looking for a fix or anything btw, just curious as to why this is happening, if it's Opera's internal struggle or if my pc is just not working right with Opera..

  • And those 4K videos run fine in your system, outside of the browsers?
    Opera relies on the OS and hardware to play some codecs.

  • Tried a 4K video using VLC, same problem, stuttering, not loading, most of the time not even playing.
    So why is it that Firefox/Chrome can play 4k easily, but Opera and my PC cant?
    Never had to "manually" update codecs before so guess thats the issue here?

  • Opera uses the codecs installed on your system. Firefox and Chrome bought licenses so they could install the codecs inside the browser itself.