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Operamail: Recommend updated replacement for Yandex?

  • Yandex email just contacted me saying I need to upgrade my email program. Or that I may need to. I replied asking them but they probably won't even read it as its an immense organization. Does anyone if Operamail 1.0 build 1040 will be OK?

    If not, what are people going to that have liked Operamail? As its not currently in production (so no updates) we all knew this was inevitable. Guess I just wanted to ride the familiar email train as long as I could. The main concern for me is privacy and user control.

  • I don't see any reason why Opera Mail won't work with Yandex as long as it supports IMAP/POP. Opera Mail's IMAP support is really good and supports a lot of IMAP extensions that other clients don't support.

    They only thing that might be a problem is if Yandex discontinues regular authentication and requires oAuth for logging in, as Opera doesn't support that. Besides that though, I'd think you'd be fine.

    Please post back if you find out why they're saying that. Maybe they're just saying that because Opera Mail has been discontinued.

    There was a security update for Opera Mail recently. You should get it from or tell Opera Mail to upgrade itself. Maybe Yandex is complaining about that.

    Note though that Thunderbird can do most of the things Opera Mail can do. Saved Searches, filters and the view drop-down all help to do things like Opera Mail does.

  • I tried updating my Build 1040 and it tells me its already the latest version. But when I downloaded the new one it says its Build 1044. Maybe its not changed enough to qualify as a new version. Anyway that's done. Thank you for that suggestion.

    Here is the email I got from Yandex:

    "As a user of the Yandex.Mail service via an email client, you will not be able to send or receive messages through Yandex.Mail after April, 25 2016, if your email client is one of the older versions of The Bat!, Mail.App, Outlook, or Thunderbird, which do not support the latest standard of mail transfer protocol.
    Please update your email client to a later version (see the detailed instructions for how to do this on our Support page), or continue using Yandex.Mail online. You can log into your web-based Yandex.Mail account at using the username and password for your email client. If you cannot remember this information, use the password recovery form.
    For more information, see the Yandex.Mail Help section or send your questions via feedback form."

    I asked them on their feedback form about Build 1044 compatibility. I'll update this if I hear from them.

  • Hmm, I'm not sure what they mean by "the lastest standard of mail transfer protocol".

    On the "servers" tab in the account's properties though, make sure you're using port 993 with TLS checked if you're using IMAP or port 995 with TLS checked if you're using POP. For the outgoing server, make sure you're using port 465 with TLS checked. If port 465 doesn't work, try port 587 with TLS checked. (You could be currently using port 110/143 for POP/IMAP and 25 for SMTP for example).

    You'll also want to make sure TLS 1.1 and 1.2 are enabled. In 1040 I think they were disabled by default. In 1044, they should be enabled by default, but you should check operaprefs.ini in the preferences folder while Opera is closed (see help -> about Opera Mail for the location).

    Under [Security Prefs], you should NOT see any of the following:

    Enable TLS v1.0=
    Enable TLS v1.1=
    Enable TLS v1.2=

    if you want to accept the defaults, which in 1044 should be all on. So, you can remove them to accept the defaults or add/keep them and set them to 1 to explicitly set them to on.

    Besides that though, I'm still not sure what new requirement Yandex has unless it's the oAuth thing, which I would assume is only active if two-factor authentication is turned on. Otherwise, doesn't show anything that Opera Mail doesn't do.

  • Thank you. The settings were like you recommended. We'll just see what happens when April 25 rolls around. I guess this is like a warning because as they don't seem to have staff working on this regularly, sooner or later it will be too old to use to comply with modern security standards. Or is anyone updating Operamail on a regular basis?

  • Or is anyone updating Operamail on a regular basis?

    It's been discontinued pretty much. They did just release that security update. But, that update was unexpected and there's nothing guaranteeing another update, even if it's a security issue. There will be no regular bug fixes for sure.

  • Yandex(mail) plans to upgrade secure hash algorithm to SHA-256...
    So what about SHA-256 support in Opera 12.18 ?

  • Yandex(mail) plans to upgrade secure hash algorithm to SHA-256

    If that's it, that shouldn't be a problem, even for Opera Mail 1.0 and IMAP/POP/SMTP + TLS. Opera Mail might not show the UI for the trusted protocol settings, but the support is still there.

  • Yandex just replied to me confirming what stng said: It needs to support SHA_256.

    Opera Mail might not show the UI for the trusted protocol settings, but the support is still there.

    What does this mean? That it won't show hyperlinks correctly? I already copy and paste hyperlinks as I use different browsers for different functions. Kind of naive to expect one browser to be best at everything. 🙂

  • Yandex just replied to me confirming what stng said: It needs to support SHA_256.

    Thanks for the confirmation.

    What does this mean?

    If would mean that you wouldn't be able to establish a secure connection. Given that they wouldn't allow you to connect insecurely, that would mean you wouldn't be able to connect at all. However, Opera Mail and Opera 12 support SHA-256. So, unless there's something wrong with Opera's SHA-256 support that causes an issue with their mail servers, Opera Mail and Opera Mail in Opera 12 should still work fine.

    I wonder if they're just making an assumption about Opera Mail and haven't tested it.

  • By "not show the UI for" he means just that - Preferences in Opera 12.x includes a dialog for security protocols which was removed in Opera Mail. The protocols are all there, but you need to edit operaprefs.ini by hand if you have to change the settings for some reason. You already looked at that file and don't need to make any changes.

  • ^^ Thanks. I misinterpreted rh99's comment.

  • Just wanted to add that sending and receiving IMAP messages both seem to be functioning as before and its 1 day after their change. Great news.