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Opera 11.xx right click menu shows stange content

  • Hello,

    My right click menu used to be good but recently it has some odds symbols like :




    How this cause ?

    It happened during right click when I am in M2 as I have this index.ini customized (but it was good before) , it appears not affect during normal web surfing.

    This index.ini actually should save as 'UTF-8' or save as 'unicode' or 'ANSI' should be corrected ?

    Opera Preferences version 2.1
    ; Do not edit this file while Opera is running
    ; This file is stored in UTF-8 encoding

    File Version=2

    Description=Opera Standard menu setup
    Author=Opera Software ASA
    NAME=Copy of Opera Standard

    [Links Panel Item Menu]
    Item, SI_OPEN_BUTTON_TEXT=Open link
    blah blah blah.....

    Thank you very much.

  • All Opera's configuration files should be stored in UTF-8 codepage. It's obligatory, especially if you are using a non-english alphabet symbols in your configurations.

  • I saved in UTF-8 .

    what cause right click menu showing these strange symbols like :




    ( They have underlined below the alphabet )

    They shows on "between each command" where the empty roll is.


    May be someone has such experience before some little thing mess up in the standard_menu.ini ?

    Thank you very much.

  • Sort of shortcuts?
    Tried that? 😕

  • thanks,

    What means by Sort of shortcuts ?

    I did not made that & I checked standard_menu.ini also is appear normal.

    just see these strange symbol when right click.

    Thank you very much.

  • IIRC those are the Alt shortcuts to those commands.

    So Alt + A should do what has an A highlighted on the menu.

  • Thanks leocg

    When I press Alt + A , nothing happed.

    So that what could be other reason to those strange symbols ?

    I have :


    my standard_menu.ini is normal.......... such as

    Submenu, M_MAIL_FOLLOW_IGNORE ,Follow Ignore Thread Menu
    Submenu, M_MAIL_INDEX_ITEM_POPUP_MENU_MARK, Mail Item Mark Menu
    Submenu, M_MAIL_INDEX_ITEM_POPUP_MENU_LABEL_AS, Mail Folder Menu, 0
    Submenu, M_MAIL_INDEX_ITEM_POPUP_MENU_GOTO, Mail Item Goto Menu
    Item, MI_IDM_Cut=Cut
    Item, MI_IDM_Copy=Copy
    Item, MI_IDM_Paste=Paste
    Include, Delete Mail Menu
    Item, S_MAIL_FETCH_COMPLETE_MESSAGE=Fetch complete message

    Thank you very much.