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Vivaldi version 1 launched today.

  • Vivaldi launched the first final version of their browser,

    Vivaldi did what Opera failed to do, for power users, my favorite drop down in the address bar.

  • I couldn't care less. So what? It's pretty ugly-looking if you ask me.

  • But more useful features, Opera got scared thats why they brought back notes. They knew their browser is junk now since moving from Opera 12.

  • @saudiqbal Did you start this discussion just to bad mouth Opera? I doubt Opera are scared. Their desktop browser, 'power user' features or not is successful plus they have an excellent mobile presence. Would be interesting to see how Vivaldi could bring their 'power user' experience to a mobile browser and whether people care for it. I assume as you much prefer Vivaldi, you'll no longer have a need to be on these forums.

  • Just got Vivaldi.1.0.435.42 (is it latest?) from (is it right?).
    My Firefox has been going hairy lately.

  • Vivaldi may not be good on older equipment. Like new Opera, it is based on Chrome.

    I still have an old XP machine with 1 GB RAM (along with some newer machines), I can't really run Opera on that one. I haven't tried Vivaldi, but as both are based on Chromium I don't expect it to work.

  • No kidding, the only browser with no major trouble here is Opera 11. :happy:
    So far. :whistle:

  • If it's that bad, I'd also have 12.18 around for those secure sites that no longer support the weaker crypto in older versions. Do a portable install so you can keep both.

  • Still far away to even be considered, for me that is. I use both current Opera and Firefox and I don't see that changing any time soon.

  • Just got Vivaldi.1.0.435.42 (is it latest?) from (is it right?).
    My Firefox has been going hairy lately.

    You got Vivaldi's currently-latest stable '1.0' version (there were a couple very minor iterations of 1.0 involving bumps to the last two digits of the build number - 38, 40, and 42). However, like any chromium-based browser, once chromium 50 and higher are incorporated into a browser, XP compatibility of that browser will end. In Vivaldi's case, that includes their latest Snapshot 1.1.453.6 and will include their soon-to-come stable 1.1 version once it emerges. Stable 1.0.435.42 is probably the last stable Vivaldi that will work with XP. Unfortunately, as happens eventually with all old OS's, XP's universe of modern software is now shrinking... that process will only compound and accelerate in coming months.

  • 😞