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  • When looking through Support I found this:
    When you add a bookmark, you can pick a thumbnail that makes it easier to spot the page you need.
    but I could not find out anything more about it.
    I would like to be able to highlight Bookmark entries which require Cookies.
    How do I do this?

    PS Please put the Markdown link ABOVE this field instead of below it.

  • Click on the heart icon while in the page.

  • Heart, red as on playing card?
    I have scoured the web page and the associated toolbars and the Bookmark properties and I can't find a heart icon.

  • The heart icon in the right of the address bar.

  • what Leo meant was this

  • I found this through Google:
    When you’re bookmarking a page, you can click through the suggested thumbnails and choose the one that would be the best for highlighting that page on the list. It works the same way for changing the image for an existing bookmark: just click on the heart icon when you’re on the bookmarked page.
    I haven't got anything like this when I am bookmarking a page. Maybe I need to download something?

  • Do you not have a heart icon at the right hand end of the address bar?
    What happens if you right click on a page and select "Add to bookmarks"?

  • no you don't need to download anything additionally
    can you tell your Opera version?
    you can find it under O button (left upper corner) >> about opera

  • davehawley: On this page I just have a grey star at the right-hand end (and a yellow padlock off the Left-hand end).
    When I right click in a page I get a dialog with Bookmark Page... This gives me the Add Bookmark dialog - with nothing about thumbnails. I usually right click on my required folder in the Bookmarks column to get the Add Bookmarks dialog.
    Could there be something in Tools/Preferences/Advanced/Tabs. Thumbnails are mentioned but I don't see the relevance?

    vux777: My Opera version is:
    About Opera from Help
    Version information
    Version 12.17
    Build 1863
    Platform Win32
    System Windows 7

  • Ah, that explains it!
    You're using a Presto version of Opera, which doesn't have the heart icon.
    When you reload a Speed Dial in that version, it will retrieve a thumbnail of the website, and I don't think there is any other option that can be done easily.
    There is a way of using another image, but it's not straightforward.
    Find your profile folder (the path will be listed in Help>About Opera).
    In that folder, you will find a folder called "thumbnails".
    Using an image viewer, look at the contents of that folder, and identify the image you want to change.
    Prepare the image you want to change it to, making sure it's saved as a .png format image.
    Copy the name of the image you want to replace, and re-name the new image to be the same.
    Then copy that image into the profile folder, overwriting the original.
    The Speed Dial should now show the new image.
    The images generated by Opera normally seem to be 1024 pixels wide, so you may get a strange result if your new image isn't that width.
    Once you've got the image you want, right click on the thumbnail, and from the dialogue that pops up, select that dial to never refresh.
    If you don't do that, it will eventually refresh and undo all your work!

  • Thank you Dave Hawley,
    Aplogies for this late reply.
    I will certainly try out your suggestion.
    I researched Presto via Google and by all accounts it seems I am better off with the Presto rendering engine for the work I do, even if I don't have thumbnails on tap.
    (I like Opera 'Presto' in Win7 32bit for its superb bookmarking, good cookie management and general lack of hassle and clutter - it does what it's told!)