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  • To provide a test URL: (Please copy/paste to address bar for example to confirm you get what I get in Opera, see below).

    What should happen when clicking on the speaker icon is that you will hear a pronunciation of the word without leaving the page. This works correctly in Pale Moon and Firefox.

    In Opera what happens is that a new player page opens to provide the pronunciation instead of remaining on the same page.

    Can someone verify that what you get is what I describe, which is that you do not remain on the same page when clicking on the speaker icon to get the word pronunciation.

    As I suspected the same issue involves the Chrome browser as well. It seems that it is typically the case that if there is a problem with Opera the same problem will be the case with Chrome (and visa versa) presumably having to do with the fact that both browsers use the same "Blink" browser engine.

    Can anyone provide an answer to solve this problem of leaving the page to another to get the word pronunciation?

    Anyone who also has either Pale Moon or Firefox can see how this page should work.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • I tested it on the link you provided and I do not get a new window. It plays on the page without a problem. What is your version of Windows?


    Sorry for the wild-goose-chase. I just found the problem and if I was able to either delete or strick-out my thread then I would have but my editing window closed.

    The reason it is working for you is that you are presumably not blocking the website connection. As I expected I'm required to allow both of the and connections (which would generally be the case for all users) for this specific pronunciation function on this website as is the case with all browsers but for some odd reason while it is not required to connect to facebook in both Pale Moon and Firefox, for whatever reason this is a requirement in Opera and Chrome to have this page pronunciation icon work as it should. I found this out via the process of elimination and I have to say I would have never guessed that an established connection to facebook behind the scenes would be a requirement in this case and am frankly totally dismayed by this requirement in these two browsers.

    Thanks very much for looking into this, I really do appreciate you taking the time and effort lando242.

    If there is a way to mark "solved" I'll be happy to do so.

  • I would add one more observation I neglected to mention above in as much as I just now discovered it. What is even more disturbing beyond the requirement for a connect to for this pronunciation function to work on both Opera and Chrome (not required on PM or FF) is that while Pale Moon, Firefox and even Chrome do not require the advertising DoubleClick connection I've discovered that Opera actually does require DoubleClick beyond just Facebook for this pronunciation function to work properly on the website (as bad as I thought Chrome has been over the years I have to say I'm frankly disappointed that Opera requires this when the fact of the matter is none of the other 3 browsers I've mentioned does). I will add that I honestly do not really want to have to post anything negative about Opera as I've been using Opera as my alternative to Pale Moon ever since FF has been going in the direction of becoming a Chrome-clone but I think we should all be able to agree that it behooves all users to offer the facts as they are regardless of what the impact of these facts might happen to be either way. To be fair in an honest society all browsers have to be held accountable for what they do good or bad.

  • The reason it is working for you is that you are presumably not blocking the website connection

    I really don't see how blocking the connections to would prevent thge speaker feature on that page to work. I guess the problem may be something else.

    What is your version of Opera and Windows?

    Also, do you use any extensions?

    while Pale Moon, Firefox and even Chrome do not require the advertising DoubleClick connection I've discovered that Opera actually does require DoubleClick beyond just Facebook for this pronunciation function to work properly on the website

    Is up to the site to require connections to a third part for something to work on that site, a browser can't change it and force you to use a third part service.

  • Version: 36.0.2130.32 - Opera is up to date,
    Update stream: Stable,
    System: Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64).

    The above is irrelevant to what I've posted however. The problem is not something else. It's pretty basic, if I block the stipulated sites using Opera and/or Chrome to a lesser extent (as stipulated) then the pronunciation function on the website fails to work properly on the other hand if I do NOT block these same sites then the pronunciation function works perfectly just as it should. I am not doing anything more than this to get these results so I cannot see how anything else can apply as there is nothing else involved than what I've said is the case.

    Yes I have several extensions, this is why I know in part my conclusions to be correct. What I find is if either µMatrix and/or Ghostery is blocking what I stipulated in my post then the pronunciation function fails to work properly. To be specific as I've posted regarding Opera if µMatrix is blocking and/or Ghostery is blocking DoubleClick then the pronunciation on does not work the way it is intended and in the case of Chrome this is also true if µMatrix blocks

    I am not talking about a browser forcing the use of any third-party service, what I'm saying is that Pale Moon currently using it's own proprietary Gohanna engine that is now and independent fork of the FF Gecko engine and Firefox still using the Gecho engine does not require these sites based on the fact that the website works perfectly fine blocking these sites that both the Opera and Chrome browsers using the Blink engine do require as stipulated for this same website to work properly.

    I do not see any other possible explanation than what I've stipulated. Again, whether the pronunciation function works or not is singularly due to the actions I have described and nothing more so there is no other conclusion possible. Why the specific browsers require the settings I have stipulated from a technical perspective I cannot say, all I can say is this is exactly what occurs which is undeniable.

  • I would add as a follow-up to the above post the following: As I have reported; what is fundamentally required for the as well as its companion for that matter to have the pronunciation functionally work properly for each respective website universally for ALL Internet browsers is specifically and, what is different is that I have found that both Opera and Chrome powered by the Blink engine arbitrarily requires these other social and/or advertising connections to be in place for the pronunciation part of these two websites to work properly. I can only speculate as to why the added requirement is a factor regarding these two browsers, arguably there is the possibility of some kind of revenue stream agreement involving the sites in regards to these two respective browsers, but again without further research this is pure speculation on my part.

  • Yes I have several extensions, this is why I know in part my conclusions to be correct.

    And have you checked with them disabled?

    What I find is if either µMatrix and/or Ghostery is blocking what I stipulated in my post then the pronunciation function fails to work properly.

    It seems to just confirm that this is an extension problem.

    Did you contacted their authors? Also, did you check if it's not a matter of conflict?

  • I'm apparently not doing a very good job of explaining the situation. The add-ons are doing exactly what they are supposed to do and disabling them is irrelevant to the point. The purpose of the add-ons are to provide better privacy and/or security and of course as a consequence of disabling the add-ons besides losing the security they provide the add-ons would then not be blocking the sites that are required to have the part of the website discussed here work as it should so as a consequence of disabling them the website issues would be resolved but obviously at the expense of not having the advantages provided by the add-ons. Let me be clear that this is not to say that the problem is with the add-ons at all but rather what it means is that what would be better off blocked which is what the add-ons provide for the sake of better security and/or privacy is what is apparently problematic with Opera and Chrome to a lesser extent. And rather than simply disabling the add-ons all one has to do is use the options the add-ons provide as I did which is to have the add-ons allow the sites that for whatever inexplicable reason for Opera and in part for Chrome as well need to have done so that the website will work properly.

    So actually no, by having the add-ons block the stipulated sites which consequentially breaks the website does NOT "confirm that this is an extension problem" simply because it is not the extension that is causing the problem but rather the requirement by Opera and Chrome to access these advertising or social-media sites for the website to work correctly. What I'm apparently not getting across is that many websites will not work properly unless specific sites fundamental for the website to work are allowed. Typically the fundamental aspects that cannot be blocked do not include advertising and/or social media sites as is the case here. But to suggest just because a website does not work properly due to these add-ons blocking specific site connections equates to the add-ons being the problem is misunderstanding what it is the add-ons provide in the first place. Simply stated, because optionally toggling the setting for the add-ons to not block the sites discussed here will resolve the issue is all the evidence one needs to understand that the add-ons are not to blame since they apparently are doing what they are intended to do regardless of whether the stipulated sites are blocked or not blocked.

    So NO, there is no "conflict" and no need to contact the add-on developers since the add-ons perform as expected which is to provide added privacy and/or security when possible which in the case due to how Chrome works with this website is not possible. Which is the entire point here considering that some browsers do not require this compromise as Opera and Chrome do but then it all depends upon how important privacy and/or security is to the user.

    So while I thank you very much for your time and kind attention in this matter, rest assured that there is absolutely no problem at all with the add-ons in any way. Again, it simply comes down to how Opera and Chrome function in contrast to Pale Moon and Firefox neither of which have the same issues as far as requiring access to these advertising and/or social-media sites for the website to work properly and let me also be clear that by no means does this suggest a specific conflict of any kind involving the add-ons with either Opera or Chrome.

    If you continue to hold the opinion that add-ons are the problem then I'm sorry to say that I'm apparently still failing to get my point across and we can leave it at that. Again many thanks for your input.

  • The page works in a clean standalone installation without any addons? If so then there is no problem in Opera as the page is working as should.

    If a third part addon is breaking the page, then te addon should be fixed.